According to a Bellevue Police Department news release at 1:10AM this morning there was a shooting at the nightclub, Munchbar / Mirror Nightclub.  The shooting left a 30-year old male dead, and another male injured.  The shooting was a result of some type of altercation that led up to the shooting.

According to the release there were over 600 people at the bar at the time of the shooting, making it for a chaotic situation while officers tried to secure the scene.  Officers are still interviewing witnesses trying to identify the suspect(s).

While the investigation continues the area around the bar is closed down.

According to many witnesses several members of the Seattle Seahawks football team were in attendance celebrating their victory over the San Francisco 49ers.  No players were reported involved in the incident.

Bellevue Police are asking if anyone witnessed the shooting or has any information related to the incident to call the tip line at: 425-452-2564 or

Update 5:25PM: Bellevue Police have obtained a warrant for the arrest of 19 year old Ja’mari Alexander Alan Jones. He is a suspect in the case and is believed to be armed and dangerous. Jones was one of the 3 teens that were convicted in the beating of the “Tuba Man” in 2008.  Below is additional information on the suspect.


  1. Munchbar: Good luck recovering from this one!

  2. Munchbar is douche-bag central. Not surprised.

  3. I really don’t want to pile it on Munchbar, but damn they’re not making it easy for me!

  4. I don’t live on the eastside, nor do I go out to bars in Bellevue. There’s actually a place called Munchbar? And it holds 600 people? I’m imagining a meat market where people are over served. Seahawks were there? Classy of them. Yes, shootings happen anywhere, but…if this was in Sodo, it would be shut down in an instant. I’m sorry to hear that a young man, with his life ahead of him, was killed. Imagine…if guns had not been allowed there, there may only have been a fistfight, and the man would still be alive. So tired of hearing about these non-sensical things….but, oh, yeah, more guns would make everyone feel safer….NOT !

  5. @jan – RCW states no guns in the bar area of restaurants. So there is a law already. I guess bad people breaks laws. Imagine that.

  6. The Bellevue Collection needs to wisen up and realize that attracting a young party crowd is not consisitent with their otherwise family friendly atmosphere.

  7. Actually mirror/munch bar is one of the safer nightclubs to go to between Bellevue and Seattle. They don’t check people or there some timy with searching you. The problem is they dedicate Sundays to the Seahawks players which to no fault of there own draw a bad crowd. I go to that place almost every weekend or every other weekend and never once witnessed anything more than maybe some pushing once. And that was like eight months ago…there normal crowd on fridays and saturday is a mixed upscale crowd which mean it often does not cater to the young and rough hip hop crowd which is why I go there. Just goes to show that mirror needs to stick with what they are best known for and that’s top 40 mash up and nothing on Sundays. And if you wanna throw a party for the players it should be by invite only, also you can’t have a strict dress cold on the other two days and enforce it, then on Sundays let guy come in with baggy pants, ball caps and hoodies and be scared to enforce the rules then. You can obviously cut down on certain individuals coming to your establishment just by making them have to dress a certain way. My biggest issue with this seeing as though I was there 40 min prior to the shooting but left cause I didn’t like the crowd I was seeing is security. On a holiday night when no one works or is in school, coupled with a big Seahawks when and after party, they should’ve known it would be a huge and rowdy crowd out. Friday and Saturdays they have police swarming the place and don’t need to as much on those days because the crowd is a much cleaner better and upscale crowd. But cops and unarmed security are always swarming the place when theirs likely nothing to happen. But in a Sunday night when you know it’s a younger more gang related crowd you wanna have no armed security and no Bellevue police present. Knowing also these are the main types of crowds that always and continue to have issues. Their actually was security there but they are not armed smh…do what can they really do. Bet their asses won’t cater to them no more…this is is what happens when you try and do something for people with no respect or class. I’m 32 year old black man myself who lives a rough life in DC but I grew the hell up. Tired of my people always making us look bad.

  8. stunned. I always figured munchbar as a place for spoiled rich Medina kids to hang out, didn’t realize it changed character on Sundays.

  9. I wish Jamari a nice life sentence in a max security prison.

  10. Kemper Freeman should give these guys the boot before Bell Square turns into Southcenter…

  11. Gotta disgree with Alex on this. I’ve gone to Munchbar a couple times on the weekend and hated it both times. Ridiculous packed… sketchy looking bros everywhere. Absolutely D-bag central. Testosterone out of control. I twice witnessed mild little bro-tantrums where two bros got into an animalistic bro shove-match.. maybe some bro-juice was spilled… maybe one bro was eyeing another bro’s girl. It was so packed that you didn’t really even have room to dance.

    Granted, this was before their little remodel that supposedly added more bro space for bros to trot around, drool over girls and mean-mug one another. I mean… what kind of crowd do you expect when they pay for crappy celebrity appearances like Carmen Electra and Kim Khardasian. It’s an awful scene in there. I’m 29 and I hated it. I’ve been there for lunch a couple times, though and it’s not a terrible place when it’s not the club scene. Doubt many people who are in there are actually from Bellevue. I live a block away and I avoid it like a plague on the weekends.

    BTW, how did a 19 year old with a gun get into a 21+ place in the first place? Seems like they should be making a bigger deal out of that.

  12. Piece of sh*t. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  13. I’ve been to this place twice (was dragged there by girlfriends). I actually preferred the piano bash which catered to an older/upscale crowd. Unfortunately, the super young crowd at this Mirror/Munchbar is full of posers and wanna-be gangsters. I can tell you that the two times I went there, I saw guys threaten each other, a slutty girl in the bathroom screaming profanities at another girl in the stall and had some little scumbag grab my backside with security watching the entire exchange and doing NOTHING. It was only a matter of time before this place got shot up. The times I was there were not on Sundays. As far as the Seahawks go…they will chase young tail regardless. They just know that this place has the most slutty classless youngsters as easy prey. I agree, leave this place CLOSED. I have also been to Parlor, Lucky Strike and Blue Martini. All of those clubs enforce strict dress codes, have ample security. Blue Martini being better than the rest because it is a mixed crowd of different age groups which generally means no gangster wanna-bes. Seahawks bring problems everywhere they go because they themselves are thugs. Look no further than Lynch’s DUI record. PLEASE LEAVE THIS PLACE SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD. Bellevue didn’t need another club to begin with.

  14. Amen to this comment!

  15. I meant to reply to the Kemper Freeman post.


  17. While, I agree, the main issue here is the shooter – the secondary issue is with Munchbar themselves. The establishment is for 21+ only, and serves alcohol. A MINOR was allowed into the establishment…with a WEAPON. Are there no pat-downs done in Bellevue? Particularly, if you know that you attract a somewhat questionable crowd – you’d think this would be a priority for the business to ensure their customer’s safety.

    This was a MAJOR fault of whomever is head of this establishment. There irresponsibility in protecting their patrons holds them just as liable as the shooter himself. If a lawsuit is to be made, it should not only be directed at the shooter – but the establishment, which is supposed to have a SAFE atmosphere, as well.

    It’s the same situation if you get food poisoning at a restaurant. They are supposed to product safe food to eat, if they don’t – they are held liable.