Kemper Freeman Jr website www.kemperfreman.comKemper Freeman Jr., the owner of Kemper Development Co. launched his own blog in late 2012 at  Since its launch the site has had routine posts a couple times a month.  It has given Kemper Freeman Jr. a forum to provide information that is specific to his infinitives, issues, and interests.

It’s great to see a local leader as influential as Kemper providing a new way to connect within the community.

There is a quote on the homepage that provides some perspective on creation of the site:

My entire life, I’ve lived by the principle that building a community is one of life’s greatest rewards. To me, building community means working together, understanding each other, and creating opportunities that are mutually beneficial for everyone. I hope this website will allow you to get to know me a little better and will serve as a “front door” for us to talk about the community in Bellevue and the greater Eastside. Thank you so much for visiting. -Kemper


  1. I thought this was his personal blog?

  2. I believe it is his personal blog that he often writes about things that are often specific to downtown Bellevue.