Main Street Bellevue Way ConstructionSRM Development plans to build a 258-unit apartment complex in downtown Bellevue this year, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal.

SRM Development announced this week that construction will begin in late spring or early summer. The apartments will be situated above 32,000 square feet of commercial space at the southeast corner of Bellevue Way and Main Street.

Frontier Renewal recently sold the property to SRM and stated in a press release that the companies created a cleanup program for the site, which had suffered soil and groundwater contamination from previous businesses.

This year construction is expected to begin on at least four apartment projects in downtown Bellevue. Readers, what are your thoughts on the additional housing?


  1. Can Bellevue Way and Main Street handle that much additional traffic? Where are all those people going to park, and where will their guests and visitors park?

  2. In addition to potential parking issues; can you say, “Road noise”? The fact that they’re apartments, not owner-occupied condos, gives me the impression developers are trying to build apartments anywhere they can.

  3. What about the pizza cart???

  4. Southeast corner? Where the Jack-in-the-box is?

  5. @squarepetcare : It’s on the southwest lot where the pizza cart is now. The article has a typo. Hopefully the pizza cart moves to a nearby location where I can still enjoy it 🙂

  6. @EnataiMan – thanks, just wanted to confirm.

    Any more news on the corner lot (NE 8th and 106th) next to Washington Square?

  7. @EnataiMan, do you ever visit the SkyScrapercity forums? It’s a pretty active discussion board on urban development around the area. You should check it out since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about downtown Bellevue development.

  8. To those concerned about parking, the architect’s website says the project will include 450 parking spots. Very high unit to parking ratio.

  9. Hey @Mitchell, Thanks for the link, and yeah i do visit skyscrapercity, but just occasionally. More than tall huge buildings, I am more interested in seeing architecturally significant buildings in our little city. They are not mutually exclusive. The SOMA towers under construction are great.

    But the SRM plans, at least the renderings are extremely boring. The only thing that can redeem it is if unique non-chain restaurants and coffee shops open there. Otherwise, they are killing the spirit of Old Main just like the new jewelry store being built right now.

  10. @Mitchell, I just went to architect’s website you linked to and it claims that “the project is designed to extend the eclectic architecture and pedestrian activity of the existing main street”. ok. I take my words back and will give them the benefit of doubt until the project is done 🙂

  11. cool, I post there under the handle dawgfan and it’s mainly me driving the bellevue thread. It would be nice to get some fellow bellevue enthusiasts on there.

    Yeah I’m definitely excited to see how the final product will look and how it’ll fit in with the rest of Main Street.

  12. That is the ugliest building I have ever seen – there is nothing about it that says Bellevue.

  13. I would guess that it will include a parking garage like many of Bellevue’s other apartment buildings. I would not be surprised if it is a requirement, as is the ground level retail space.

  14. As far as it whether or not it is ugly – an abandoned fast food restaurant looks better? What does that say about Bellevue?

  15. It will be nice to have something built along that corner lot now. Will look much better. However, I wish they were building something a bit smaller. The nice thing about Old Main and this area of Bellevue is the small quaint shops and relaxing atmosphere. With all the “massive” building that will be taking place all over this city, pretty soon it will be like living in downtown Seattle. Yikes!

  16. So the pizza cart was gone today 🙁 and some drilling truck was in it’s place. I guess they were getting soil samples.

    @Amy, something is better than an old abandoned fast food drive through. But I guess we were all hoping for a marquee building at the “gateway” to DT Bellevue. Something with a brick facade similar to the new condos next to Pagliacci to add to the historic feel of old Bellevue. Instead what we get is a office park building that should have been next to a freeway in Vegas or Phoenix.

    If anyone from SRM is following this thread…huge thanks! for bringing the trashy style to what is a beautiful street.

  17. ^ Regarding the look of this project, I think it’s a little premature to trash it based off a single rendering. Let’s wait and see how the final product looks before we deem it “trashy style”.

    IMO, Main Street is a little overrated as far as the architecture goes. There’s not much of a historic feel at all since half those buildings were built within the last 15 years.

  18. The pizza cart is now 1 block south in the north part of the lot where Viviane (former Goodyear Tire Center) is. There isn’t as much parking there. Also local taxis have been staging from the parking area behind Viviane which creates additional activity. It will be interesting to see if the pizza cart survives.

  19. the design is uninspired and looks like a suburban strip mall, surely they could do better. The guys at SRM should talk to the designer of the 10 story building at the end of Main Street, I think its called one main. That is a good looking building for that neighborhood.