Habitat Nordstrom Bellevue
Habitant, Nordstrom’s new casual lounge / bar concept is now open at their Bellevue Square store. The lounge is the first in the store’s chain.  It’s located on the second floor near the women’s TBD department (same wing as the Apple Store).

The menu features light snacks such as shrimp sliders, chicken skewers, cheese plate, and other appetizers all under $11. The lounge features a full bar and will have specialty cocktails. Some of the specialty cocktails on the menu include drinks that go by the name of: Rent Check, GM 75, Blueberry lavender martini, Grapefruit Brown Derby, Smoke and Heat, and more.

Habitant will be open the following hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11:30 – 9PM
Sunday: 11:30 – 6PM

Habitat Nordstrom Bellevue 2
Habitat Nordstrom Bellevue 3


  1. Horrible design. Looks like an airport lounge.

  2. Awesome!A place for my boyfriend to have a drink and relax while I shop for a few hours.

  3. Hate this new “lounge” in the middle of the store! Stuck out in the way, it does nothing for the store.