Washington Square Office TowerTrammell Crow Co. purchased a 1.5-acre site in downtown Bellevue for $24.1 million from Wasatch Properties. Trammell plans to build a 19-story office tower on the property at the Washington Square super block.

The site address is 833 108th Ave. N.E. The developer plans are to break ground in April of 2014.


  1. It is also planned to have a detached 6 or 7 story above ground parking structure… Unless that changed in the past month. Why the city would allow that is beyond me!

  2. Convenient how they left the garage out of the photo. It is a 6 story garage from the grade of 108th but 8 story from the grade of 106th. The city planners were doing their job to allow this. Nice that they didn’t even TRY to push back on the developer to put the garage underground. Good job. I am glad that the Planning department is looking out for Bellevue. NOT! You could expect that they wouldn’t come to your rescue if you were being mugged either. They’d conveniently look the other way and not get involved because they don’t have to.

  3. It’s just a parking garage…GET OVER IT!!! Both of you sound like whiny little girls

  4. @Sam, that’s exactly why ppl are upset. They are wasting prime land right in the middle of downtown to build a freaking parking garage thanks to the city’s archaic land use code (that they are in the process of revising but TC is trying to get this project approved before the changes are implemented). It’s just a huge loss opportunity. When was the last time a large above grade parking garage was built in downtown Bellevue or Seattle? I’d guess it’s probably been over 25 years.

    I’m not counting the Bellevue Library garage since that is on the edge of downtown and is only 2 levels.

  5. They might mitigate the impact of the garage by lining the street front with shops, cafes, etc…
    Kinda like Bellevue Towers. From the outside no one would notice that the place has 5 levels of above ground parking inside.

  6. @Mitch (& Kyle) – What do you mean “they are wasting”? What ever happened to the owner of the property getting to decide what they want to do with their own property? This development by committee is insane. Think of how many great things would have never been built if we didn’t allow people with vision to do it. Google historical news clippings on the Space Needle, Columbia Tower, and even the Montlake Cut and you’ll see how many haters were out there. If these guys are putting their skin in the game, investing in our community, and brining more jobs and life to downtown Bellevue then I’m a happy guy. If you don’t like parking garages you are free to make a bid to the owner, buy him out, and redraw the plans how you see fit.

  7. On that note, why have design review or construction regulation at all? What could be the harm, right? I’m sure nothing would go wrong….