According to Red Door Spa they will be closing their store at The Shops at The Bravern on March 22nd. If customers are holding gift certificates or gift cards they are encouraged to use them prior to the closure. Otherwise they are able to use it at the other Red Door Spa locations throughout the country.

The store was originally a part of the Bravern grand opening in September 2009.



  1. Wow, another one closes at the Bravern. The only store making any money there is Hermes….maybe LV. Wonder what that place will look like in 5 years. Also really surprised Gucci is considering it. What makes Gucci want to move into a shopping place that is half vacant!? So bizarre.

  2. I did note yesterday while walking through the Braven on the way to the bus that construction walls were going up over the former Brooks Brothers, Piazza Sempione and DNA2050 storefronts all at once. There’s been some sort of construction activity going on in there for a while now, so it looks like whoever is moving in there is going to be consolidating all of those spaces into one store.

  3. @Brian, I think that space you’re referring to is the Gucci store that Mark mentioned above.

    The future for this mall just keeps looking worse and worse. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mass exodus of tenants when Kemper’s Bell Square/Lincoln Square expansion projects open in 2.5 years.

  4. What is the Kemper’s Bell square/Lincoln Square expansion? Is there a link with all the info?

  5. @Betty, there’s been several blog entries on this site and numerous articles in the press over the last year.

    This website has info and renderings: