Kemper Development Company will break ground one month earlier than planned – at its Lincoln Square expansion site in downtown Bellevue.

The groundbreaking ceremony and blessing for The Bellevue Collection’s $1.2 billion expansion took place on June 11th, at Bellevue Way, between NE 4th and NE 6th streets.

The ceremony featured Kemper Freeman Jr., CEO and chairman of Kemper Development Company, City of Bellevue Deputy Mayor Kevin Wallace, and Dr. Scott Dudley, senior pastor of Bellevue Presbyterian Church.


  1. Sorry if this offends anyone but what is the point of having the site blessed by a pastor? Bellevue is not in the Bible Belt, why waste time on this exciting event with this bs.

  2. Didn’t realize a few seconds was worth that much, Bryan. Bellevue is not as spiritually stagnant as you think.

  3. Those few seconds are worth quite a bit for those of hoping for a world without brainwashed religious fanatics.

  4. ^Exactly. I knew Kemper was a right winger but I didn’t think he was a religious fanatic.