The J.C. Penney store at Bellevue Square is closing after 55 years of being in business, according to a report in The Seattle Times. The report states that the last day of operation will be on November 1st, 2014 and will be available for smaller specialty stores.

Marketing Director of Kemper Development Company, Jennifer Leavitt stated, “We don’t have space available very often…There are some great exciting retailers out there that we have not been able to accommodate and this gives us an opportunity to design for that.”

Leavitt also suggested that the goal is to have the new stores open by the start of the holiday season. Only having one month seems aggressive to retrofit the space, so it will be interesting to see how this transformation takes place.

Does this mean that Bellevue Collection will finally get an H&M? What retailers would you like to see at Bellevue Square? Sound-off in the comments below.


  1. It’s “Penney”.

  2. Urban Outfitters!!!

  3. Alexander McQueen, Dior, Louis vuitton(with clothes and shoes) Christian Louboutin aaaaaaaand Berg Dorf. That’s all

  4. Zara or maybe Saks

  5. It’s moot really – with the development of LS2 and the hotel over the existing JCP parking garage, it’s really in Kemper’s best interest to demolish and build a custom addition to the mall capturing as many new big name retailers as possible. Whatever goes in will be temporary.

  6. A European- or Japanese-style department store basement full of small, high-end food shops.

    A 3-D printing shop like

    An REI outlet of some sort.

    A Location-Based Entertainment facility like or or

    Target 🙂

  7. Top Shop or H&M

  8. More men’s stores. Saks Fifth Avenue. Ralph Lauren. Scoop NY. Paul Smith. Club Monaco, Theory. and a much nicer J.Crew….Chipotle.

  9. I’m reminded of the space where Frederick & Nelson used to be located, and most people don’t remember them at all now.

  10. Good to see JC Penney leaving, now maybe the poors will stay away from our mall.

  11. I think I like the spammers better than the anon guy complaining about “the poors.”

  12. Really? I am seriously disappointed with this comment and hope you do not live here!

  13. A Hillstone Restaurant.

  14. Another major anchor would be great, someone like Bloomingdales, Dillards, Saks Fifth Ave.

  15. The mall needs a proper food court with 12-15 fast casual places.

  16. I bet their lease was up and the mall didn’t want to renew the lease.
    JCP probably didn’t have a choice.

  17. Value Village,, why pay $fifteeee for a tshirt!

  18. I vote for Bloomingdales.


  20. Bloomingldale’s

  21. Love Dillards!

  22. American Girl

  23. Tommy Hilfiger

  24. Brandy Melville
    Urban outfitters