Tpa House Grill Closes Bellevue
Tap House Bellevue
has closed theirĀ business at Bellevue Connection (previously Bellevue Galleria). The closure was abrupt without any warning. A statement from the owner of Tap House mentioned that this was a difficult decision, confirming the closure.

The restaurant opened in early 2002, and was the first of two Tap House Grill locations. The second is in downtown Seattle.

The closure came as a surprise to associates of the restaurant, which were notified Sunday morning. Many of the associates have used the Tap House Facebook page as a place to voice their frustrations with the short notice.

The announcement from Paul Reder, the owner of Tap House Grill had the following statement posted on the Tap House Facebook account:

All great things must come to an end. On Sunday we had to make the difficult decision to close our Tap House Grill Bellevue location. I personally have enjoyed the endeavor of bringing a great craft beer experience to Bellevue in early 2002. Along the way we have made many great friends in the form of loyal guests, amazing staff members and the Eastside community overall. THG Bellevue was my first restaurant so this is a very sad day. But ultimately, I am proud of our concept and the countless people who helped tirelessly to bring our vision to the public. Our Seattle location remains open and we welcome you to join us downtown. Guests with membership and/ or gift cards can use them in Seattle without any changes necessary.For any other inquiries please contact Tap House Grill Seattle at 206-816-3314 Thanks for letting us be of service. Cheers!! Paul

This is the second restaurant closure at Bellevue Connection in the last month. Rock Bottom Brewery closed their restaurant less than two weeks ago.


  1. Closings come in threes– watch out, Gene Juarez workers!

  2. Well shit, that’s not good. What’s happening over there?

  3. Is the $15 min wage in effect here?

  4. What the heck has been going on at the Galleria? Downhill since Houlihan’s and Hooters left. Can’t get any more centrally located than that. How bout a story DB?

    There also appears to be a lot of first floor retail and restaurant space just sitting empty around Downtown Bellevue. It looks like a lot of landlords believe that because there is a high demand for one type of Real Estate (large spaces), that they can jack their rates up on all others – but the restaurants move out and they sit empty.

  5. Thanks Bellevue for becoming too nice for average people to live in..Taking the beer out more wine and tapas in

  6. No, because this is in Bellevue, not Seattle. Their Seattle location is still open.

  7. Love to hear more about this story. anyone do any actual investigating or reporting? We all can see it closed. How about why? what is going in? Is it connected to Rock Bottom in terms of both lost their lease?

  8. I could tell this was about to happen. My wife and I enjoyed going there with our two young children. the food and service was good. Lately however the food quality was inconsistent and the better wait staff were leaving (rats from a sinking ship!).

    I went as far as filling is a customer feedback form asking them WTF was happening……now I know.

  9. It appears that the new owners of the complex are set to do major remodeling and that usually results in a major loss of income for the existing businesses. the fact that the owner closed the place so abruptly would suggest they bought him out of the lease and provided an extra bonus if he vacated immediately. If the owner admitted this then the staff who are being laid off could create bad press for him.

  10. Will miss Tap House we had our weekly Happy hour on Wednesday – there šŸ™ . Now we are in a big dillema where to go?? Any suggestions

  11. It’s because all of the businesses at Lincoln Square are killing the Galleria.