Insane Sundaes Now Offered at Vivo 53Starting August 1st, Vivo 53 at Bellevue Square will unleash “Insane Sundaes” according to an article in 425 Magazine, as well as Bellevue Collection’s Twitter account. The Sundaes are almost a foot tall, gargantuan sundaes will be served in technicolor, with diverse textures, and mouthwatering flavors. You’ll experience four types of Sundae: Hazelnut Seduzione, Candy Esplosione, Holy Spumoni, and The Neopolitan.

Neapolitan, Italian cheesecake, or Spumoni ice cream is featured on the Sundaes. Toppings for these concoctions include ice cream sandwiches, brownies, cheesecake slices, rock candy, lollipops, or macarons.

You’ll call it entertainment and dessert for your entire party. We’re calling it simply insane.

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