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WeWork Lincoln Square in Bellevue
and Downtown Bellevue Network are partnering to produce a quarterly series featuring start-up companies in Bellevue at WeWork. Occupying about 80,000 square feet, WeWork opened last year at Lincoln Square South. Many amenities are offered at this co-working space, such as; IT support, mail and package handling, private phone booths, fast internet, and more. Weekly happy hours and community networking events allow for organic connections and collaboration with others.

The first company to be interviewed for this series moved into WeWork in October 2017. Polyverse wanted to build a security solution that was simple to deploy and worked at preventing cyberattacks.

How did Polyverse come to be? What was the idea behind it?

According to Polyverse’s CEO, Alex Gounares, the short version of the story is that the founding team all came from places like AOL, Amazon, and Microsoft, where they had been fighting cybersecurity battles daily. They felt frustrated by the lack of good solutions and wanted to build a simple solution that prevented cyberattacks. For the previous twenty plus years, academics could never figure out how to make moving target defense practical. With all the recent advances in software and hardware, Polyverse realized they could dramatically improve cybersecurity, creating intrinsic cyber-resiliency through moving target defense technologies.

How many employees does Polyverse have?

Polyverse currently has over twenty employees and is growing at a fast rate.

What does Polyverse do? How can someone find out more information about the company?

Their flagship product is called Polymorphic Linux. It’s a version of Linux that has been hardened against zero day cyberattacks using moving target defense. Each installation of Polyverse’s Linux version if unique. This diversity stops the zero-day attacks that can come in over the internet and be undetected. Detection works even if you are unpatched because of moving target defense. It is a quick installation and users can go to for the free trial.

Why did Polyverse choose Bellevue for their company?

As their company grew in size, they realized that they needed access to more amenities and options for their team members. Downtown Bellevue was an obvious choice for them, according to Alex Gounares, because of the transit options, restaurants, shops, and collection of amenities.

WeWork has been a great choice for Polyverse. Because they have a global business and are a part of the WeWork community, they have access to the entire network of WeWork facilities around the world which has boosted their small company.

What is Polyverse’s goal?

Polyverse wants to solve the cybersecurity problem and keep their customers safe from cyberattacks.

Is Polyverse recruiting? Looking for new customers?

Polyverse is hiring all functions and would love to chat with anybody interested in solving the cybersecurity challenge.

For anybody running Linux, they urge you to try out their polymorphic version. It runs, performs and operates the same, but it’s polymorphic and hardened against attacks.


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