Since 2007, Bellevue has strengthened its commitment to the environment and sustainability  through the establishment of the Environmental Stewardship Initiative. The initiative leads local and regional environmental efforts and facilitates better environmental citizenship by the municipality, residents and businesses to enhance and protects our natural resources, water, air, climate, parks and wild spaces for subsequent generations.

The City of Bellevue’s first environmental strategic plan from 2009-2012 aimed to minimize the degradation of the community’s natural assets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From 2013-2018, the goal has been to create a sustainable city where citizens can enjoy a high quality of life, work and play, and carry this forward with future generations.

The strategy moving forward is to leverage and build upon the foundations laid in the first plan by implementing projects at a larger scale, expanding on successful pilot projects and broadening engagement by residents and businesses throughout the community.

Here are two different ways that community members in Bellevue can help to get involved and make a positive difference toward a sustainable and prosperous city:

Survey: As the City of Bellevue comes up with their next plan, weigh in on what you think the priorities should be by taking their survey. It allows residents to answer questions about Bellevue’s sustainibility efforts and plans.

Community Workshop: On Tuesday, October 1 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM at City Hall, residents and others can learn about the Environmental Stewardship Plan, ask questions and share concerns. RSVP here.

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