Photo Credit: SoulCycle Bellevue

SoulCycle Bellevue is bringing the experience of cycling outdoors in Downtown Bellevue, seven days a week. The outdoor schedule began at the end of this week.

The outdoor setup includes the bikes, placed 6 feet apart, a silent disco audio system, and headphones provided by SoulCycle.

The classes are 45 minutes each and cost $28 dollars per class. Your first ride is discounted, costing $20. Packages are available.

The location is at the Bellevue Square parking garage. The address is 10184 Northeast 4th Street. It is on the lower level across from Bellevue Park.

Check-in includes a temperature check upon arrival. Masks are required at all times, including during the class.

SoulCycle Bellevue opened at Lincoln Square South in 2017. They were forced to stop indoor exercise classes when the Pandemic hit last year.

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