MOD Pizza BellevuePizza lovers, there will be a new choice in town! MOD Pizza, which is known for their quick and affordable on-demand pizzas, will open a location in Downtown Bellevue on Bellevue Way.   They’ll be located where an old dry cleaner used to be across the street from Safeway.

This will be MOD’s 2nd location with their 1st being in Seattle.  MOD stands for “Made On Demand.”

The store is currently planned to open in January 2010.
Update: MOD Pizza is now open in Bellevue, see new article here:


  1. MOD is amazing pizza and will surely be very popular, as it is in their current Downtown Seattle location. $5.88 or something for an 10′ or 11′ w/ as many toppings as you want. Pretty ingenious. They cook it in about 60 – 90 seconds. There will be lines. Guaranteed.

  2. The one in DT Seattle is always packed. Bellevue needs more quick food options downtown and especially near/in the Bravern.

  3. 60-90 seconds? I don’t know which MOD Pizza you’ve been to, but not the one I go to 3 times a week lol, not sure this is the best location for it though

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