ROYCE' Chocolate
Bar Chocolate “Nut” (12 Pcs) from ROYCE’ Chocolate.

Treat the mother figure in your life to delicious chocolates from ROYCE’ Chocolate, the Japanese confectionery boutique. Located on the second floor of Bellevue Square, adjacent to Macy’s, they will unveil seasonal offerings starting the first week of May.

What distinguishes ROYCE’ is its commitment to sourcing the highest-quality ingredients. Embracing Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island celebrated for its temperate climate and abundant natural resources, became integral to its pursuit of perfection.

In 2019, ROYCE’ opened its first boutique in Washington state, selecting Bellevue for its prime location and multicultural community.

Having been around for 40 years now, chocolate enthusiasts alike appreciate the flavors and variety found at ROYCE’ Chocolates.

Below is a concise list of items perfect for expressing your appreciation and affection this coming Mother’s Day.

Nama Chocolate “Strawberry”

Nama Chocolate “Strawberry”

This treat combines creamy milk chocolate with the essence of fresh strawberries, enhanced by notes of strawberry liqueur and dry gin.

ROYCE’ Collection “Sweet Yellow”

ROYCE' Collection "Sweet Yellow"

This limited-time gift collection showcases a yellow box adorned with floral patterns. Paired with confections boasting colorful packaging, it’s sure to brighten anyone’s day.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Nama chocolate gift set

The Nama chocolate gift set comprises three boxes of Nama Chocolate of your choosing, along with two Nama Tasting kits, all presented in a luxurious Gift Box.

For more options at ROYCE’ Chocolate, visit the website or visit their Bellevue Square location.

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