Less than 1 year after opening at The Shops at The Bravern both Artisanal Brasserie and The Artisanal Table have called it quits following dinner service on Sunday, June 13th. Terrance Brennan, New York’s widely known chef opened both restaurants in September 2009. Astisnal Brasserie occupied 8,945 sq. ft., and The Artisanal Table occupied 1,298 sq. ft.

This news comes 1 month after retailer LTJ Arthur closed their doors at The Bravern and 3 months after both restaurants Twisted Cork and Stir Martini & Raw Bar closed at Bellevue Place.

“I’m grateful for all of the personal relationships and loyal customers we developed in Bellevue,” said Artisanal’s Chef Terrance Brennan. “The Pacific Northwest has a true appreciation for great food and wine and the chance to be part of an outstanding new project like The Bravern gave us hope. Unfortunately, the economic challenges we’re facing nationally, proved too difficult to overcome and we had to close our West Coast operations so that we could devote more attention to our New York restaurants.”

Artisanal Closes at Bravern Bellevue


  1. We really liked Artisanal (though not Enoteca) and we almost went on Friday evening – such a pity that it is gone. This is going to leave a huge hole at the Braven: John Howie Steak is going to feel a bit lonely.

  2. Oh mannn! That was one of my favorite restaurants.

  3. The economy is tough but with the right restaurant you can make it. I think the Bravern should try and get BLT Burger from New York… better food, still high end but a better fit for the people who visit the bravern…

  4. This is so unfortunate. A truly great place to dine with incredible food and excellent service. We’ll be sad to see it go.

  5. I wnet to the Enoteca for lunch for the first time last week. There were only 4 other people dining at the peak lunch hour. We strolled through the Brasserie and it was equally slow.

    In my opinion the value propositaion was not very good. Food was good, soem items very good, other items just okay. Pricing was on the higher side. In these tough times people are very focused on value.

    I expect to pay a pretty steep price for any restaurant located at the Bravern, I have no issue with that. But I really expect the food to be GREAT. I think Howie and Wild Ginger are doing a little better in the value proposition game. I hope they can hang on until things pick up at the Bravern and everywhere elese.

    Sad to see anyone have to lose that level of investment. Ouch!

  6. Personally, I miss the Dairy Queen that used to be on that corner.

  7. Sad! I’d love to see an eastside Tom Douglas restaurant- Serious Pie? A sushi place would do well where the Brasserie was- something with a good happy hour- good sushi is missing in DT Bellevue…

  8. These retailers are the canary in the coal mine for the overpriced bubble plan that was the Bravern. From the condo-rental conversions, to the stores that will close soon — the pricepoint that this development was built on was a pre-bubble mentality. No amount of cleverly worded press releases will prevent the economic changes that will continue to roll through this development. Neither I, nor my friends have $300 for a scarf at NM. And the people who do – just aren’t the volume this place assumed. Luxury has a place in Bellevue or anywhere, but the Bravern was built on unsustainable expectations driven by America’s real estate bubble.

  9. Ginza off Main St in DT Bellevue has great sushi!

  10. This is tough news. I hope to see the other retailers and restaurants prevail. With the pace at which the south tower is renting, I was beginning to sense some positive momentum with the project.

  11. This is very sad, it seemed like it would have done well. I enjoyed happy hour at the Artisanal many times. However, I think the location, parking situation, and Bravern concept did not help. If it had gone in closer to Bell Square I think it could have lasted.
    Everytime I visit it seems dead there, the only people I see walking around a “luxury” destination are Microsoft employees in flip flops and t-shirts.
    I just returned from NY and feel a Pop Burger or Le Pain Quotidien, something less formal but trendy would do well there.
    Good luck to all the stuff that is now looking for work.

  12. Xactly. Just take a trip there any day to see the wide open pathways with the wind whistling through – devoid of anyone buying any $500 jeans or Jimmy Choo. Anyone working at Microsoft knows – we don’t have that kind of money either for a level 6x.

    Tiffany is right – put in restaurants that offer normal pricing; stores with things people can afford, and perhaps the condos gone apartments — occupied by the MS 6x folks, will stay around to spend some money.

    And btw, why the f can’t you turn left from 405-S into this $$$ monstrosity? Brav-o for the u-turn’s on 8th Street, super-convenient!!!

  13. must agree with the parking comment

  14. This is a real shame as it was someting different for the North West. Yes they needed to improve some aspects…but did not…hence this has happened. But at least they have been honest about it.

  15. Flo in downtown Bellevue has some great sushi. Too bad about Artisinal. John Howie Steak has a great happy hour and they also have a very well priced lunch, cheaper and much better quality than Earl’s

  16. I’m sorry to hear this but hardly surprised for all the reasons stated above. I’m probably not alone in disliking big showy restaurants housed in cold new high rise developments. None have the intimacy and personality we enjoy in places like 520 Bar + Grill, Biz on Main, Paradiso in Kirkland. Seattle has quite a few. NYC is full of small wonderful restaurant/bars loaded with charm and character (with great food at reasonable prices) that people flock to. It’s about the food, but equally as important is the personal experience.

  17. Next to go: David Barton Gym

  18. It’s never good for anyone when a business is forced to close, but others can avoid the same fate by reaching out to the right people and organizations for help in their marketing.

  19. Despite the “crowd” the Bravern was initially trying to capture when it opened up I think Dairy Queen would be a great addition. Trophy and cupcake would then be the two most visited establishments out of the whole building!:)

  20. I agree that the economy is the driving force behind artisanal’s closing- but only as far as the idea that with tighter finances, people are less likely to settle for a mediocre dining experience. From the people I know at least, everyone tried it once or twice and moved on. Not really surprised at this move.

  21. But … But … now where will I buy cheese & have cheese conversations w/ that Artisanal Cheese Lady?

  22. I enjoyed the food and the wine, but the prices and service is what hurt them.

  23. Sometimes when nordstrom doesn’t carry something I just order it from them rather then checking out neiman marcus… By the time I figure out how to park in that terrible parking structure my item will arrive from nordstrom…

    I always wanted to check out artisinal but seemed like way too much effort to get in and out so we always just ended up in DT bellevue near the mall, plus there’s more options in that area…

    The bravern is not ever going to do well, its way too far from the rest of bellevue, parking is terrible, and its located right in the middle of traffic…. Pass

  24. Actually I take that back,

    The only way the bravern will attract people is if they put an outdoor seating area in at one of the restaurants… People make effort on sunny days

  25. Kemper Freeman had it right. What Bellevue needed was a ‘Magnificent Mile’ like Chicago. Perhaps a moving covered sideway would attract customers to visit both the Bravern and Bellevue Square. All the Bravern needs is a way to connect their shoppers with Nordstrom.It seems like Kemper Freeman is the logical person to answer the million dollar question. OK,I will ask him,”Mr.Freeman what is the solution to this riddle.”

  26. I like the Braven and enjoy shopping at Neiman’s. The only complaint is the mall is open air which would be fine in LA, but here in Seattle it’s just not practical. You loose the mom and stroller crowd that Bellevue Square counts on. Didn’t we learn our lesson from the Redmond Towne Center?
    I worked at Bellevue Sq. Nordstrom for 7 years and when it’s hot outside customers come in to get cool, eat and shop. In the winter people like it warm and dry. Kemper is on the right track with covered sky bridges, easy access free parking, and lots of places to eat and shop. The Braven didn’t follow his lead. The condo’s will rent fast in this market so I’m hoping that will help.

  27. Who’s the next bet in the Bravern dead pool?

  28. Sadly, I’m not surprised. The overall theme of the Bravern is overpriced on every level – from Condos to retail. An outdoor theme is a bad idea for PNW. The good news is eventually, though, this complex in time will find the right balance, but unfortunately will be at the expense of the initial investors. Some will probably survive (eg, Wild Ginger).

    We can thank our elected officials for the wreck in the economy that has now trickled down to Bellevue. Remember this when you vote in November!

  29. The Bravern is a hoax! I need an in-hand Bravern GPS to figure out where I am! Sorry…looking forward to when it’s in Phase 2. and I too miss Dairy Queen!

  30. During the Bellevue Magic season, the Bank of America at the Bravern was the only branch with free ice arena tickets still available. These are basically the directions that were given to me by an employee: Park in the emerald lot, go up the elevator, walk across the courtyard to the escalator, go down the escalator, walk around the corner and down the stairs, pay the troll and walk around another corner and you’re here. I couldn’t believe that a bank doesn’t have easy access parking! It’s a shame because the staff there was friendly. They have a huge obstacle to overcome in building their client base.