American FootballIt’s September! I know it’s hard to believe when the sun is shining in Bellevue, and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend, but summer’s fading away. We always reflect with lament at how fast it flies by, but then we remember…Fall = Football! The NFL and NCAA wash our fall blues away, and here’s a list great places to catch all the action in Downtown Bellevue.

520 Bar & Grill
– The closest we have to a neighborhood ‘Cheers’ pub, 520 Bar & Grill is my favorite place to watch football. It’s an especially great place to go if you’re a Husky fan; you’ll find more purple at this place than crimson! Plus, if the weather holds out, they even have a flat-screen on their outdoor patio.
10146 Main Street

– The TV’s may not be huge, but there are lots of them. The bar’s big, and you can pretty much see the game from anywhere you sit. The do turn the sound on and up for football games and will even be offering brunch.
700 Bellevue Way

Joey Bellevue
– They have a giant screen that drops down over the bar, as well as multiple smaller TV’s on each side of the room. The crowd is usually enthusiastic, and it’s the only place in town to get an ‘Iceberg’ in your beer. I also hear the servers aren’t bad looking.  😉
800 Bellevue Way NE # 118

Lot No. 3
– The best place to cozy up in a leather chair for a casual, relaxing game day. They have a projector that drops down in the front of the restaurant, and you’ll have a good view of it, whether you’re sitting up above or down below. You also can’t beat their weekend brunch menu, complete with 4 different Bloody Marys!
460 106th Ave NE

Lucky Strike
– A great place to catch all the action, especially if you want to squeeze in a game or 2 of bowling. There’re ample places to sit in the lounge or at the bar, and enough TV’s to have a good view. It’s a good place to go with a group, if you want a better chance of finding space to sit all together.
700 Bellevue Way NE

– It’s the new kid on the block for football fanatics this season and has turned out to be the place for Seahawks fans. Not only do Seahawks players frequent this Downtown Bellevue hot spot, but Munchbar now hosts The Official Seahawks Aftergame Party on Sundays from 9 PM – 11 PM. With video screens throughout the restaurant, this is the place for football fans to see and be seen.
505 Bellevue Square

The Parlor
– All weekend long, Thursday – Monday, The Parlor will have their 12 TV’s and 9-foot HD screen tuned to football! In addition, there will be drink specials all night. They will even be open for breakfast starting at 9:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays all season long.
700 Bellevue Way NE

Rock Bottom Brewery
– This place is an old fan favorite – it’s a traditional brewpub that hosts sports fans on a regular basis. There are TV’s in the bar and an 120″ HD  projector screen screen upstairs, so it’s another great place for large groups. They also have brunch and drink specials on Sundays for their NFL Sunday Ticket.
550 106th Avenue NE

The Spot Off Main
They open every Saturday and Sunday at 9:45 AM specially for football season and have an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for only $10! They have 5 HDTV’s and 3 projector screens, so you won’t miss the game.
20 103rd Avenue NE

Let us know if you have a favorite Downtown Bellevue spot to watch football, and leave a shout-out to your favorite team in the ‘comments’ section!


  1. Fatburger has 3 TV’s all programmed for football. We also serve beer! Come hang out with us! Great burgers, football & beer..can’t get any better!

  2. I can vouch for Fatburgers having great burgers. 🙂

    Also worth mentioning at Fatburger: the awesome new Coke machine (100+ flavors).

  3. You forgot the Spot off Main. 3 big screens plus a couple others and a great happy hour.

  4. Lucky Stike!

  5. There are at least a handful of better locations with more than one TV that weren’t on this list. Lot 3??? No way. I’d say pump house should be top of the list but that’s across the highway and apparently not part of Bellevue.

  6. @? One could argue that what’s east of 405 is not part of Downtown Bellevue.

  7. Are any of these open in time to watch the first game(s) on Saturdays? 9-10am?

    College football brunch?
    Kegs and Eggs?

  8. The Parlor opens at 9:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays all season long. This is probably your best bet!

  9. @Scriven Thanks for The Spot Off Main reminder! I’ve added it to our list.

    Also something to note is that Earl’s will have their sound up for football games this year, and they’re serving brunch!

  10. How do we know which games are being covered for both college and pro games? If your a Badger and Packer fan it could be difficult to find a bar that covers those games? Love to know if one of these bars is partial to fans of those teams!

  11. Good luck. I wish you good striks

  12. In the video above, you can watch highlights of Wiggins from the World Select Team’s practice at the Portland Trail Blazers practice facility in Tualatin on Wednesday.