Harry & David closes at Bellevue Square

Road Closed Bellevue Square

On a trip to the mall over the weekend it was apparent that both Road Apparel & Harry & David have closed at Bellevue Square. Both stores were tenants at Bellevue Square for several years.

According to Road Apparel their lease at Bellevue Square has expired. They do however have a Seattle location for those still interested in shopping at their store. Road is actively searching for a new Eastside location. The rumored new Apple Store in Bellevue Square will be across from where Road Apparel used to be located, which will likely be a highly trafficked location.

We did not get ahold of Harry & David to determine the reasoning behind their exit. If you’re interested in shopping with Harry & David, they continue to be available online.

There is no word on what will replace the retailers, but as you know we’ll be the first to let you know when we do.


  1. It’s always a bummer seeing empty stores in a mall, but I can’t say I’ll miss either of them… In the three years I’ve been in Bellevue, I’ve been to Bellevue Square at least two to three times a week, and I’ve only gone to Harry and David once (didn’t buy anything), and never to Road Apparel.

    Hopefully they are replaced soon. Empty storefronts make me sad. 🙂

  2. @Vincent I’m sure they’ll be replaced soon. There are plenty of retailers lined up for space at Bellevue Square.

    I’d like to see H&M, Urban Outfitters, & Patagonia come to Bellevue Square. It might be time to see what people’s wish lists are again.

  3. Dagnabbit, now where will I buy my onion and pepper relish? It’s spendy enough without shipping, so no way am I going to buy it online.

  4. I think that what we really need is a frozen yogurt place!

    Really though… A few stores that may be missing would be a toy store, a game store (like Uncle games), maybe Hot Topic or Spencers Gifts.

  5. @Uncle Peaches: I’d recommend trying Your Local Market (http://www.yourlocalmarket.com/) for onion and pepper relish. Sounds like something that would be right up their alley.

  6. Zara would be nice.

  7. I’d like to see Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, or Steve Madden. Any 1 of those stores would be fabulous!!

  8. Steve Madden is GARBAGE. It’s cheap because it is. You pay low prices for crap and that’s what you get…crap. Invest in something of better quality and you’ll be happy MUCH longer. Same with Kenneth Cole, good looks, but poor quality and craftsmanship and you get a couple months of wear then it’s gone.

  9. Apparently the Road Apparel store is being replaced with an Everything but Water store (http://www.everythingbutwater.com). There was a sign at the window…

  10. Let’s try this again: http://www.everythingbutwater.com

    Much better. 🙂

  11. I would like to see a John Varvatos store, G-star store and my wife wants a h\Henri Bendel or Trina turk store.

  12. Hot Topics, Spencers gifts???? This isnt Everett or Renton. This is Bellevue, not even Bellevue teenagers would shop there.

  13. You can purchase pepper and onion relish at most major grocery store under the Dickinson’s label. It was made by smuckers for harry and david. Dickinsons is made by smuckers