New Bellevue Square Remodel

The reported new Apple Store in Bellevue Square is beginning to take shape. The exterior of the store is now a cohesive unit. The store size is quite the spectacle, and it took 4 separate photos to capture the entire exterior of the space. Talbots and Bailey Banks & Biddle were the previous tenants of the large space. Appleā€™s current store is 4,600 square feet, and by the looks of the exterior of the new store, it could be up to 3 times larger.

There is no official word on the opening date, or a confirmation that it is actually an Apple Store. It would be ideal for Apple to have this transition complete before the holiday season, due to the large crowds and lines in November and December.

The University Village Apple Store has recently been closed and will re-open this week following a remodel.

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  1. So when Apple does open up, will Microsoft expand? Sound like a great build off for these companies. Maybe top level of the mall will be Apple and bottom will be Microsoft! Power of freedom!

  2. Maybe Microsoft should move up across the new Apple store and take all the area, it will then be an awesome tech wing like nowhere else and customers will be hopping from Apple to Microsoft!!!

  3. So glad! I hope they have an acoustical ceiling as the noise level in the present store is terrible. As I senior I seem to spend a lot of time at their Genius bar.