City-of-Bellevue-251x300The Bellevue City Council moved forward this week with an initiative to develop code and design guideline changes to ensure a “livable, memorable downtown environment.”

On Monday, the council reallocated $350,000 from the city’s capital budget for the Downtown Livability project, according to a press statement.

The council will finalize the initiative’s scope and principles after returning from its August recess. City staff earlier identified the following key objectives for the project:

  • Updating zoning incentives that reward developers for building amenities that benefit the community.
  • Analyzing building forms and heights to identify potential areas for increased height limits in return for public benefits.
  • Refining downtown design guidelines to improve the pedestrian environment and encourage interesting architecture and sustainable building practices.
  • Maximizing connectivity with the downtown East Link station to attract ridership and create an attractive, vital environment around the station.
  • Examining downtown parking standards to respond to shifts in demand and promote alternatives to driving alone.