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Bellevue City Hall

Bellevue City Council Pledges to Review Police Safety Practices

The City Council is looking at the police department’s public safety practices and evaluating how they can better serve the community, according to the City of Bellevue.  The new pledge was signed by Mayor Lynne Robinson. It includes four different actions; review police use of force policies, engage the community […]

East Link Light Rail Nears 50% Completion

Earlier this week the Bellevue City Council received an update from Sound Transit that the East Link Light Rail project has neared 50 percent completion. Some of the highlights from the project progress include: tunnel excavation work under 110th Ave NE that has recently been completed, significant progress on the […]

I-405 Lid Crossing Chosen as Segment of Grand Connection by City Council

There were three alternatives presented at the Bellevue City Council meeting in November, to decide which concept would be best for I-405 crossing segments and how they would connect with the Wilburton Commercial Area. The third alternative was unanimously chosen, the Grand Connection I-405 lid crossing. This was the staff’s […]

Bellevue City Council Votes on Preferred Light Rail Option

It has been quite a journey to get agreement on the details for light rail in Bellevue. On Monday night the city council voted 6-0 in favor of cost-reducing changes to the light rail project that could save Bellevue taxpayers up to $35 million. “Tonight we reached a major milestone […]