New-Target-Bellevue-Downtown-StoreThe City Council held two public hearings on June 23 to facilitate the construction of a Target store in the Wilburton commercial district, east of downtown Bellevue.

During the first hearing, the council considered a land use code amendment for areas zoned as community business within the Wilburton area. The amendment would allow larger retail buildings of more than 100,000 square feet as well as taller buildings of up to 75 feet within a specific section of 116th Avenue Northeast.

The second hearing was about a development agreement between Target and the city that requires standards for signage, building design, and streetscape design, according to a press statement.

The council will hold a final vote on the land use code amendment and development agreement at its July 7 city council meeting. If approved, Target Corp. may begin construction of the 150,000-square-foot building this summer. The new store could open as early as 2015.


  1. Interesting news, but incomplete at best. Where on exactly is this new Target store supposed to be going? An address would be helpful as we imagine the construction beginning this summer.

  2. @IM, I think this is the NE corner of the intersection of 116th Ave NE and NE 4th St (just north of the NE 4th st extension currently under construction).

    From sources elsewhere, I read that Target is considering not proceeding with the plan. Honestly, that area can use a mixed use residential and small commercial redevelopment instead of a Target with a huge parking lot. Or a Target City with apartments on top.