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A little bit gritty, a little bit rustic, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, the Posh Party Trend Show for Bellevue Fashion Week had a little bit of everything. Texture, in particular, was the name of the game this year: Leather, lace, wool, tweed, (faux) fur, and velvet were all big players in the trends of this season. And with themes like Rouge Reaction, Americana, Power Plaid, Leather Effect, & Velvet Underground, this year’s self-proclaimed “Girls Night Out” was a stunning display of seasonal styles with a focus on moody glamour, swingy fringe, bohemian whimsy, and, what seems to emerge almost every autumn, menswear for all.

My mother-in-law accompanied me to the show and I wore an outfit she was simultaneously horrified and delighted with: A black bra, high-waisted black slacks from Zara, and a long tweed coat bought at a vintage store in Wisconsin last fall. Note that I didn’t mention a shirt, which is precisely what produced such a curious reaction. I also mistakenly wore two different earrings (one large gold hoop, one large gold stud) and then, proudly realized that one of the looks in the show also featured a model with two different earrings. Abreast of the trends, indeed! Does it count if you don’t even realize it?

Besides heavy texture and shine, other trends seen on the runway were thick capes, various metal detailing, and booties galore, which produced a lavish punk-grunge vibe. The colors in fall fashion are always a predictable and yet, anticipated part of the season and this year, it was no different. Various shades of red along with luxurious camel tones added to the indulgence and intensity of the night. The surprise color this year was blush pink – what many are calling “millennial pink” – and it showed up several times: A velour jumpsuit, a faux fur coat, a monochromatic pajama set that was styled with heels for a night out.

Floral was also a big player in the show and it made an appearance in embroidered skirts, lace tights, and long robe coats. Plaid was another staple; from windowpane plaid to glen plaid to madras plaid, we saw it in mini skirts, sweaters, and suit coats.

Accessories emerged in the form of scarves, usually tied around one shoulder or daintily looped around the neck, as well as a variety of headdress including velvet baseball hats, glittery headbands, and faux flower crowns. I even spotted a gorgeous leather fanny pack!

The women’s makeup, expertly applied by the artists at Mac in Bellevue Square, included dark lips, luminous cheeks, and effective contouring to create a sleek vampy glam look. The men sported a spectrum of facial hair from 5-o’clock shadows to short beards. Thanks to Obadiah Salon in Bellevue, natural texture was alive on the runway, from perfectly straight locks to one model’s beautiful afro.

According to the show’s host, Monica Hart, the trends were reminiscent of a “throwback 80’s remix vibe” and the lighting effects made that decidedly so as the models were bathed in dazzling red lights and geometric neon swirls, greatly adding to the theatrics of the show. While I would love to see even more diversity across the board, the show was more inclusive than last year, noticeable in the addition of two regular-sized models and a few models with different ethnic or racial backgrounds. There were a small variety of races and sizes represented, though there is certainly room for improvement, especially in respect to age.

One hundred percent of the show’s ticket prices went to support Bellevue Lifespring – an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families who live below the poverty line in Bellevue. As an eternal thrifter and stylist, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Thrift Culture, the trendy thrift store on the third floor of Bellevue Square that also benefits Bellevue Lifespring.

On the whole, the night was as you might expect: A mix of fun, fashion, and philanthropy. A definite win in my book!

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Kelly Herzberg, owner and personal stylist at Sweet Kelly Anne Styling Kelly seeks to inspire self-love through fashion. In particular, she loves to help people feel confident and full of joy when getting dressed. She brings playfulness, empowerment, and a sense of fun into the process of buying clothes and wearing them. Kelly especially likes to create beautiful outfits with her incredible finds from thrift stores like Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange. She believes in kindness, deep connections, and living authentically. Outside of personal styling, she works with kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital and likes to hang out with her husband, Jason. You can usually find her walking around Greenlake, engrossed in a conversation over a delicious meal, or treasure hunting at Goodwill.

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  1. I attended the local designer fashion show! It was beautifully executed with displays and lighting. Great fun! Plus, and the best part, your ticket expense goes to help others-:)