Photo Credit: Seattle Meowtropiltan

Earlier this week, I visited Seattle Meowtropolitan in Wallingford. This location has a coffee room and a separated cat lounge with cats that can be adopted, aside from their five resident cats. Their mission is “to create experiences between humans and cats.” According to their website, they “further their mission by placing cats in need into nurturing homes, working with cat rescues and shelters, and providing resources to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of cats.” The main goals are to get the cats adopted, inspire people to donate to benefit cats in need, and to create sweet interactions with the felines.

During my visit to Seattle Meowtropolitan, I attended a yoga class. Cats were laying on our yoga mats, walking around the room, and of course, sleeping in various spots! At the end of class, the yoga teacher handed out treats to each student so that we could hold out our hands to attract sweet, furry visitors. If teaching yoga sounds like something you’re interested in doing (with or without cats!) then why not check out Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for more.

You can schedule a cat lounge visit while enjoying coffee, tea or Italian soda from their cafe, take a yoga class, or attend family day (held on the first Saturday of every month), in order to interact with the different cats.

Why not bring a cat cafe to Bellevue? We all need cats, coffee and yoga in our lives.

Here are a couple potential locations that could be great for this:
– The Bravern
– The old Pier 1 Imports location on Bellevue Way

Bring on the cat yoga, Bellevue! Meowmaste.


  1. First, let me clarify that I am a cat lover and owner. I could not disagree with you more regarding your suggested locations. I do not see this business having the slightest chance of succeeding at the Bravern, That shopping center is like a ghost town most of the time and certainly does not attract walk-in traffic. The former Pier 1 location would be a a waste of prime retail space. I don’t think the cat cafe could generate the income to be successful at that location. I just don’t see downtown Bellevue as a good fit for a cat cafe. It is too much of a Bohemian style business. However, the Crossroads mall might be a better fit. I would also add that to say “We all need cats, coffee and yoga in our lives” is a nonsense remark.

  2. Above comment! Take a break from your avocado toast and accept that as a joke. The Bravern sells high end merchandise so a days sales can pay for the rent. Bellevue would be a good fit because the number of Asians in Bellevue Alone would generate the income.

  3. Sherry Anderson sucks

  4. I love the idea but I am not sure about the Bravern location. I personally would not go out of my way to go for a coffee there.

  5. Crossroads or Factoria Mall would be a good fit for a cat-cafe-yoga studio, meowmaste!

  6. I agree with Juff. Sherry Anderson is clearly a Chihuahua.

  7. So, Juff & Dave – instead of just calling names – why don’t you be more clear – what is the problem?

  8. Jordan if you don’t see the problem then I think you are using a fake name defending yourself… Sherry Anderson

  9. I agree with Juff. Jordan Kemper sucks.

  10. Factoria please!!

  11. The old Tully’s location on Main in the same parking lot as Petsmart would be the best location!!

  12. Jessica Dwyer – I agree, that sounds like a great idea.