According to a city of Bellevue permit from the end of January, there is going to be a Xfinity Store by Comcast going into the old Red Robin location.

Red Robin closed their downtown Bellevue location in January. According to an employee, Bellevue Square was going to increase their rent which would decrease their profit. The restaurant had been at this location for over a decade.

The date that Comcast will officially move in is unknown.

There are two other Xfinity Stores by Comcast open on the Eastside. They are located in Bellevue (Factoria) and Redmond.


  1. Where do I sign up for the protest?

  2. That is a great use of that space !

  3. I had heard from what I thought were good sources, the space was going to be a popular Seattle(Queen Anne) restaurant opening it’s first Eastside location.