From now until July 6th, a seven-minute virtual tour will be available of Fire Station 10 in order for Bellevue residents to be a part of the design of the new station that is slated to have construction take place in 2020-2021. Fire Station 10 will be located at 112th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 12th Street.

Those who watch the tour will view building massing, initial layout and design features. Participants are invited to take a short survey defining your priorities and asking for general design comments. The community can submit design comments and feedback on their website.

Fire Station 10 will complete the city system and reduce emergency response times. It will provide critical services for downtown, BelRed and the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as allow the other nine fire stations to better serve their neighborhoods by reducing the amount of time spent away from their primary response areas. Engine 110, Aid 101, Medic 101 and Battalion 101 will be posted there.

Community members initially attended an open house in January at City Hall where visual displays were available as well as staff and consultants.

Occupancy for the fire station is slated for 2022. For more information, visit the City of Bellevue’s website.