Bellevue Club Hotel Room
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After more than a year and a half of renovation, the Bellevue Club Hotel, the premier boutique hotel on Seattle’s Eastside, reopened its doors to give travelers and staycationers an urban wellness retreat like no other. The main priority was to give guests the chance to maintain—or even elevate— their healthy lifestyle while away from home, all while enjoying the unique features of the Pacific Northwest that make it such a popular destination.

As always, all hotel guests have access to the Bellevue Club, with more than 250,000 square feet of fitness facilities, as well as the Spa, an aquatics center, gymnasium and various dining outlets. Guests can also enjoy group exercise classes, a weightlifting session, massage or dinner on the patio. However, it’s the details of the actual rooms that further set the hotel apart and give the concept of wellness a whole new look.

Design Details

All the rooms were redesigned to residential standards that provide guests with the height of Pacific Northwest-inspired luxury and personal wellness. From the custom art to the furniture and tile work, they rethought every detail.

To provide the height of luxury, the beds combine comfort and cleanliness. With built-in cooling, antimicrobial and memory foam features, all rooms are equipped with Beautyrest Black Label Mattresses. High thread-count sheets and bedding punctuate the experience with elegance.

“All rooms feature opulent Italian stone walk-in showers beautifully tiled from ceiling to floor and highlighted with rain showerheads. This feature makes a great mini spa-like escape without leaving the room,” Connor Eden, Bellevue Club General Manager says.

In addition, Urban Hardwoods provided salvaged wood from local Pacific Northwest neighborhoods that they used in the corridors and rooms. Each piece of wood came with a tag identifying where it came from.

Top-rated Tech

“Serving as a virtual in-room concierge, all suites are outfitted with Alexa technology. Guests can order food, lower the lights, change the temperature, or call a car with a simple voice command that balances the luxuries of personal service with the efficiencies of on-demand technology,” Eden says.

The rooms are furnished with other tech features that include Staycast (which allows guests to stream their own Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube accounts), touchless room keys, complimentary electrical vehicle chargers, and Lutron smart-tracking draperies.

Streamlined Safety

With safety as a top priority, they also installed a powerful bi-polar ionized air filtration HVAC system. “Ion technology removes airborne particles (dust, dander, pollen, smoke, odors, bacteria and viruses) from the air, making it healthier to breathe,” said Eden.

In addition, the Bellevue Club Hotel maintains a rigorous policy in regard to vaccination and COVID protocols.

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Bellevue Club Hotel Suite
Photo Credit: Bellevue Club
Bellevue Club Hotel Suite Dining Area
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Bellevue Club Double Bed Suite
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Bellevue Club Hotel Room
Photo Credit: Bellevue Club
Bellevue Club Hotel Lifestyle
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Bellevue Club Hotel Lifestyle 2
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Bellevue Club Hotel Bathroom
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