Tendon Kohaku
Photo Credit: Tendon Kohaku on Instagram

Japanese restaurant, Tendon Kohaku, is opening in Bellevue, according to city permits. Popular in nearby British Columbia, the eatery will be located at 233 106th Avenue Northeast.

The restaurant specializes in tendon, a popular Japanese dish consisting of tempura served over rice. It is a collaboration between Japanese food corporations Nadai Fujisoba and Kings Know Group.

The menu features rice bowls, with different options like vegetable tendon, sashimi amori tendon and ebi tendon, and udon, with multiple options like spicy, carbonara, and katsu curry. A variety of sides are offered as well, like chawanmushi, spicy karaage, salmon handroll, and tayoki. Diners can also order dessert and specialty beverages like Hokkaido milk tea and a Kyoto matcha latte.

The name “Kohaku” means amber, reflecting the golden perfection of their tempura. First popular in Japan, tendon is gaining global popularity, with Kohaku expanding to multiple countries, according to the website.

Kohaku has locations in Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, and Canada. This is the first of its kind to open in the United States.

Dumpling Factory was originally opening at this location. The fast food dumpling restaurant had completed signage on the outside of the building and the interior space had been making progress. We first reported on this in August 2022.


  1. So awesome the food will be delicious!

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  3. We just at at TK in Vancouver and it was awesome, can’t wait!