Mochinut Bellevue Square

Mochinut has opened its doors at Bellevue Square, currently in its soft opening phase on the second level. According to a Mochinut employee, the official grand opening is slated for around June 28th or 29th.

Each week, Mochinut features six different flavors of its signature Mochi Donuts. This week’s flavors include Strawberry Haze, Vietnamese Coffee, Cookies ‘n Cream, Mango Puree, Pistachio Cheesecake, and Churro Caramel.

In addition to Mochi Donuts, Mochinut offers a diverse menu that includes Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs, Bubble Tea Drinks such as Crème Brûlée Tiger Sugar, Salted Caramel Cream Latte, and Ube Haze Cream Latte, and Soft Serve. Customers have the option to pair their Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs with sauces like Sweet Chili, Spicy Gochujang, and Honey Mustard.

Mochi donuts are priced starting at $3.75 per donut, with a dozen costing $34. Korean rice dogs begin at $5.99, and Mochinut drinks start at $6. The coffee served is sourced locally from Victrola Coffee Roasters.

Originally gaining popularity from its South Lake Union location in Seattle, Mochinut is known for its handcrafted Mochi Donuts, made fresh on-site with premium ingredients. These donuts combine American doughnut flavors with the chewy texture of Japanese Mochi, offering over 50 flavors including Ube, Taro, Strawberry Funnel, and Churro.

Before Mochinut, the health-conscious eatery, Freshii, operated at this location. First opening in 2016, this Bellevue Square site was Freshii’s first eatery in the greater Seattle area.

Mochinut Bellevue Square
Mochinut Bellevue Square

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