108TH Ave NE has been a busy street this year in Bellevue. In November the horrifying accident of a crane falling from the Tower 333 construction site killed a resident in his apartment home across the street. Now with the construction and reconstruction of Tower 333, Civica Building, the apartment complex, and Plaza 305 it has made for a crowded construction area.

Tower 333 Taking Shape
Tower 333, which Expedia has announced they will take over 16 of the 20 floors, has now began to attach the glass windows to the building, giving the building some much needed character.

Civica Building in Repair
Tuesday afternoon the Civica building was caught being repaired. By the looks of it, it seems the office building being repaired was completely evacuated during repair. Eight months after the strike by the crane, it seems Civica is a couple of windows away from a full recovery.

Photos Taken July 17th

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  1. Tower 333 topped out last week. Now that the superstructure is in place the exterior glass panels should start to really take off. This looks like a rather smart and not too showy building. Expedia should like it.