This week will focus on commercial real estate vacancies which have high profile locations.

There is no location more painfully vacant than the Bellevue Galleria. Since its opening in 1999 Bellevue Galleria has gone through some major tenants including Tower Records, Hooters, Houlihan’s, Ben and Jerry’s, The Garage, and more.

With the opening of Lincoln Square Cinemas over a year ago it has made the Bellevue Galleria less attractive for possible tenants in the short term.

Bellevue Galleria’s second floor (pictured below) is practically completely abandoned. There are about five retail locations which currently sit empty, which show no promise of life.

The saving grace of Bellevue Galleria will be Bellevue Towers, the condominium project being built next door. The dual towers will bring 558 residences footsteps away. If that isn’t a godsend I don’t know what is. These upscale residences, which are on track for completion with some of the units in late 2008 will bring ideal clientèle with disposable income ready to spend.

Bellevue Galleria’s Tap House has proven its success by recently opening a Downtown Seattle location.

Despite having trouble filling these once undesirable retail locations, I believe the future is very bright. The worst has passed, and there is a lot of money to be made by the soon to be many residents of Downtown Bellevue.

Pictures Taken 7/26


  1. I don’t know – Bellevue Galleria has always seemed kind of odd. The place seems really cut up and doesn’t flow too well. I also thought that it was going to meet up with the wrecking ball soon for redevelopment. Given all the other retail space coming on line soon with better visibility and connectivity I don’t see much changing for the Galleria. Best idea is to probably lease it out as small commercial space and give up on retail there.

  2. Us Eastsiders like our free parking. Even validated parking is not the same.

  3. Totally agree re free open parking in Bellevue. But looks like this will change soon when the Lincoln Sq implements free 3-hr validated parking. Though it’s not the same, it’s still free!

  4. I think many of these buildings don’t actually care about charging for parking, but deterring many of the growing condo tower residents to park their overflow elsewhere.

    Many of the projects that have two bedroom condos, only come with one parking spot. This becomes an issue, because usually you’ll have two people to fill such a large condo. These people will be forced to only have one car or rent a spot elsewhere.