Remember the news back in early August about the changes at the Bellevue Galleria?

Well, the owner definitely wants to bring in office space and get the cinema out of there! The news was reported in the Puget Sound Business Journal. “Even I have my price,” said Ray Hallett, founder and owner of the cinema. “If they get someone to come forward who wants it for office space, there is definitely a number that will take care of it.”

The cinema is family owned and revenues took a dive when the Lincoln Square Cinemas opened up. These days, the Galleria is playing films and Hallett does claim he’s happy with how the cinema is doing. But one can only question whether they’re getting the same traffic they used to.

Hallett definitely won’t disappear. If he loses the 11-screen theater in the Galleria he will be looking to open up elsewhere on the Eastside.

As far as Downtown Bellevue goes, the Galleria Cinemas definitely seems out of place these days. With Class A office space scarce, that would be a gold mine if converted! Microsoft, care to pick some more space?


  1. Interesting.

    Your headline is a little deceiving though, this isn’t official yet. Sounds like it’s still in the works and would require them to buy out the theater’s lease.

  2. Thank goodness the Tap and Rockbottom in the galleria, without them the place would be a ghost town except for LAFitness. I exptect with all the condos going in next door that this area will become more vibrant.

  3. So…they will move, if given a decent offer? Wonder what the pricetag is on something like that?


  4. Too bad, I actually like their selection of indie movies. Serves as a good counterpoint to lincoln square cinemas. But they definitely are using too much space, I’ve never seen a theatre there even 1/4 full.

  5. I’m too lazy to double check the zoning, but would the current regs allow for office space there? I would think a movie theater is commercial/retail.

    Either way – this is just a temporary move until they tear the whole thing down and start over, but they will have to wait for the B&N building to come down first.

  6. Tear the whole thing down? The building is nice, it just can’t compete with the movie theater competion. The other tenets seem to be just fine and the building is not going anywhere…

  7. As long as they are tearing down buildings, could they take down the Paccar building too? It’s starting to feel like Vegas around here.

  8. Paccar owns that whole huge block, they are probably waiting another 5 years and then sell to another high rise I would guess…

    You are right the paccar building looks straight out of Soviet Russia!