You might have noticed NE 8th Street was temporarily closed Wednesday at the corner of NE 8th St and Bellevue Way NE out in front of Lincoln Square.

This was due to Microsoft “branding” the outside of Lincoln Square with their logo. Microsoft has officially put their mark on Downtown Bellevue. Microsoft which had their original offices in Bellevue before moving to the more well known Redmond location has slowly started to migrate back to Bellevue.

New office space has been locked up at The Bravern, and also a new development in Eastgate to add to their collection of already existing locations in Bellevue (Civica, Lincoln Sq, Bellevue Place, etc.).


  1. Sorry for the non sequitur, but does anyone know the story behind the protesters out in front of the 989 apartment building? I’ve seen zero press coverage on it and they’ve been out there every morning for about a month, holding a big sign that says, “Shame Shame Ashwood Condos.” No idea what they are on about.

  2. Michael,

    You’re up way too late… 😉

  3. The sign looks good, does Eddie Bauer even have a sign yet?

  4. Michael – you probably know this, but there has been a Microsoft sign up outside their offices on 108th Ave for at least a few years.

  5. Yeah, I used to work in that building!

    Lincoln is just a bit more prominent.

    Also Microsoft has a big sign outside of Bellevue Place as well.

  6. Justin, Eddie Bauer does not have signs up…yet. I have been told that they will eventually have some up. I don’t know when or what the hold up is though.