Plans for new Kemper Development Co. projects have been outlined in some images below.

“The Bellevue” and “Shops on 5th” are two projects in which Kemper Development Co. have outlined to start construction following the holidays. “The Bellevue” will consist of a high end hotel consisting of over 200 rooms along with other boutique shops . It has been speculated that the Ritz Carlton might fulfill the hotel spot where currently the JC Penny’s and Macy’s parking lot lies.

Across the street Safeway currently occupies an area, which will eventually become a part of “Shops on 5th”, a residential condominium, and an office building. The images show an all enclosed skybridge which transitions people from “The Bellevue” across the street to continue their shopping. Plans have not yet been publicly announced or officially nailed down, but expect this to happen in the coming months!


  1. this enclosed skybridge looks pretty sweet.

    I can’t wait for that safeway to be torn down, i hope the high rises that are built there are a bit more interestingly designed then the last two Lincoln towers…

  2. Did anyone notice that the model picture with the park in the foreground shows a new tower on 108th where the First Mutual Bank Building is located?

  3. Where are these pictures and models on display? I would like to get a closer look at them?

  4. More skybridges! Yeah, who wants to deal with all those cars that are going to the…uh, mall…yeah, we don’t like traffic…but where is the transit?

    Actually, it is pretty slick to keep putting in sky bridges that only link to other Kemper properties. Keeps those other upstarts like Bravern at bay.

    Last thought – when are we going to run out of things to buy?

  5. I think the “Shops on 5th” is actually the shopping corridor between The Bellevue and the unnamed Safeway site project. I saw on the SSC forum some renderings that labeled it Shops on 5th West for The Bellevue and Shops on 5th East for the part on the Safeway site.

  6. To the second poster……there’s no new building on the First Mutual Bank site. You may have gotten it confused with Tower 333?

  7. Keemper does not like transit, well at least light rail transit. He seems to be for BRT because it’s cheaper…

    I have a hard time trusting him though when he was against our great Downtown Park from being developed. He wanted it to be more shopping…

  8. I am also curious about what the 2nd poster said. In the photo with the Park, follow 4th St to the Tower 333 building which is yellow. The building across the street where First Mutual is currently now is gray and about the same height as Tower 333. I wonder how long before this happens?

    Speaking of First Mutual, they are merging with another bank so I was wondering if there may also be plans for that branch on the other side of the Mall parking lots????
    It seems out of place….

    The models are in the mall offices near the 1st skybridge. I think it is on the 4th or 5th floor. I have not seen them but tried to a while back. They were being updated so I could not get in to see them at the time.

  9. ^ The building across the street from Tower 333 that is around the same height is One Bellevue Center which was one of the first skyscrapers built in downtown Bellevue. The First Mutual Building is blocked from this angle by Tower 333.

  10. Hey, #2 here again.
    The building I refrenced is beige in color in that picture and looks to be as tall as Bellevue Towers. You can see it behind One Bellevue Center and to the right of City Center. Kemper is a major share holder of First Mutal and he might be showing greatest and best use for the property?

  11. ^ To the above poster. The tower you’re referring to is City Center Plaza which is northeast of the First Mutual Bank building on the same block. It’s a 26 story office tower that is scheduled for completion next summer. There are no current plans to redevelop the First Mutual Bank site.