Plans for new Kemper Development Co. projects have been outlined in some images below.

“The Bellevue” and “Shops on 5th” are two projects in which Kemper Development Co. have outlined to start construction following the holidays. “The Bellevue” will consist of a high end hotel consisting of over 200 rooms along with other boutique shops . It has been speculated that the Ritz Carlton might fulfill the hotel spot where currently the JC Penny’s and Macy’s parking lot lies.

Across the street Safeway currently occupies an area, which will eventually become a part of “Shops on 5th”, a residential condominium, and an office building. The images show an all enclosed skybridge which transitions people from “The Bellevue” across the street to continue their shopping. Plans have not yet been publicly announced or officially nailed down, but expect this to happen in the coming months!