This week the Lacoste store unveiled it’s exterior, implying that it is getting ever so close to opening, which was originally promised for May. Next door, to the left of the Lacoste store where Gap Kids previously was located, is now showing signs that Burberry will occupy the space.

The Victoria’s Secret store has been in the midst of a major remodel over the last couple of months and now appears to be opening this weekend with a brand new look!

Also remodeling these last few months, and expanding into larger spaces, are Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, and Banana Republic. Pottery Barn and William Sonoma have signs notifying customers of their opening this weekend. Banana Republic will have their grand re-opening this fall.

The Bellevue Square interior remodel, as mentioned before, is moving along at a steady pace. The most recent addition to the mall has been couches, chairs, and tables, giving customers a nicer place to sit down and relax. Where most malls might allow sales kiosks throughout the mall, it is nice to see that Kemper Development Co. is not following suit with this trend.


  1. That Burberry store is going to canabilize the sales of the Burberry section/store that just went into Nordstrom.

  2. Okay Downtown Bellevue has officially “made it,” we have a Burberry store!