According to reports, over $10,000 worth of panties were stolen from Bellevue Square’s Victoria’s Secret store on May 30th, between 2:30pm – 5:00pm. About 650 pairs are reported missing.

No surveillance cameras picked up on any possible suspects during the theft.

Is there an underground black market for panties in Downtown Bellevue? It’s hard to imagine making good money selling panties for half the price. I think most residents in the area are doing well enough to purchase panties without buying them off the underground market!


  1. The Underpants Gnome sisters strike again.

    Phase 1 – Collect Panties
    Phase 2 – ?
    Phase 3 – Profit.

  2. Who would you sell these panties to???

  3. Is this headline for real? And is the part about the black market for real? I’m sorry, but a lot of the stories on this blog are downright cringe-worthy. I suggest a journalism class or two.

  4. This sounds like an insider job. I can’t imagine any shoplifter walking out of the store with 650 panties could go unnoticed.

  5. Nobody is forcing you to read…

  6. To be honest with you. I was walking through Bel Square that day. Whoever is delivering boxes left a large stack of boxes in the middle of the floor on a cart. Would have been extremely easy to grab one and walk out.

  7. The ‘black market’ they are referring to is a joke! (you readers of little humor). However, the panty heist is for real. It was on King 5 news!!

  8. They’d probably try and sell them on ebay.