Bottega Veneta, a well known luxury brand across the world, best known for its handbags, shoes, small leather goods, luggage, and more, has announced its plans to arrive at The Shops at The Bravern upon opening in September of 2009.

Many in the area might not be familiar with the brand, as it’s the first store in the Pacific Northwest and only the 20th store in the United States. Although it has a smaller footprint in the US, there are 113 stores worldwide.

Gucci bought the successful brand in 2001. When visiting their Website, you’ll see that their womens handbags are quite pricey. Nothing seems to be priced anywhere close to under $1,000 and ranges up to a mere sliver under $18,000 (no, not a typo). It makes some of these other designers look like a bargain in comparison.


  1. wow, pretty impressive, but they seem to be keen on opening stores in the US right now having just opened in scottsdale and Natick, MA…however im really starting to wonder what is going to go into the luxury wing at bellevue square…with lous vuitton, hermes, jimmy choo confirmed and polo, zenga, and canali rumored…who isnt going to want to locate in the bravern?

  2. Why would anybody want to go in the Bravern? It is blocks from the heart of the Downtown area.

    The only companies that have announced going into the Thr Bravern are unfamilar with the northwest, and Bellevue.

  3. while you may call it blocks away from the downtown area…others may call it moving the heart of the downtown area…unfamilar to the northwest??? there is already a louis vuitton store in seattle, you’ve never heard of polo? anyone who has watched sex and the city knows about jimmy choo..,and i have have to believe that most people who can afford anything from hermes can definitely afford it

  4. i meant have definitely heard of it haha

  5. I can’t afford it, but great place to window shop though.