Comp USA’s old location on Main Street in Downtown Bellevue has sat vacant for over a year now. Just recently there has been activity inside the location, and it has been posted that PetSmart will occupy the space.

With all the additional pets that will be moving in, along with their owners, to the condos and apartments that are currently being built, this will be a high-trafficked store.

Update: PetSmart has confirmed that they will be opening in early March ’09!


  1. WOOO HOOO! I hope they put a pet hotel in there. Does anyone know when they open?

  2. Thanks for the scoop Michael! I prefer Petco to Petsmart, but it will be very convenient.

  3. Shoot- I was hoping that the rumours of a Trader Joe’s was going to be true… oh well.

  4. Trader Joe’s missed out, I love them but I’m not driving to Crossroads very often when I can walk to QFC and Safeway.

  5. I agree Justin, huge miss by Trader Joe’s… That spot had been open for quite a while, I’m sure PetSmart got a good deal on it. If I was Trader Joe’s, I would’ve closed the Crossroads location down, and opened up closer to Downtown Bellevue.

    Heck, that shouldn’t even be classified as a Bellevue location, it’s more like Redmond.

  6. Please, please please…a Trader Joe’s!