Many might remember reports of The Boat at Bellevue Square closing in March. Since then, Bellevue Square has been working on their remodel and recently opened the “Kids’ Cove.”  This is an area for kids to play on the many play toys that are now centralized in one area.

The famous Boat and the Washington Ferry, along with other climbable play toys, have been refurbished and transported to the new Kids’ Cove and are now available for children to play on!

See other great pictures here.


  1. downtown plus kids

    with the weather turning sour this is much appreciated

  2. Do you really need to shamelessly plug links to old posts to remind us that you had previously reported on something? It’s rather quite annoying and unnecessary.

  3. Not everybody reads the site everyday, along with the fact that some people are new to the site.

    Shamelessly? Hardly.