Two sculptures, one outside of the North Tower and one outside of the South Tower, were installed late last week. The sculptures created by local artist Julie Speidel, which are “strong but welcoming, inviting yet bold,” stand outside of the two entrances of the condominium towers.

The two red sculptures are distinctly different, but related in their form. The two pieces of art are respectively named Mam-Kiya & Rusalka (Inca Moon Goddess & A group of Slavic water spirits).

Julie describes the artistic creation by stating, “I have used a vocabulary of organic geometry that reflects the relationship between the human and built environment.”

In addition to these two sculptures, Bellevue Towers will be home to one of the largest collections of Northwest art in the region, with hundreds of original pieces.

Photos courtesy of Bellevue Towers


  1. Thanks for posting that Michael. I didn’t notice when I was by there yesterday – will have to take a look.

    Do you have any update as to occupancy for Bellevue Towers? Are you still going to be living there?

  2. Meydenbauer Center Communications

    Another great example of a Julie Speidel sculpture is located outside of the Theatre at Meydenbauer Center on NE 6th Street.

  3. Isn’t it funny how the “money” used to finance all these garbage multi story condo buildings probably never existed in the first place, and all of the owners and developers are probably broke now building trash that is worth next to nothing today using fake paper? LOL Gives me a good laugh.

  4. I saw this “sculpture” today … it is awful – is this the best they could do? I really thought it was a piece of construction equipment that had been left behind.