trophy-cupcakes-bellevue-the-bravernToday Trophy Cupcakes announced (on Twitter) their third store, and first in Bellevue at The Bravern.

As a caterer and wedding cake producer, I’m an expert on cake. I’ve had more wedding cake and cupcakes and pastry than anyone I know- and that’s not a good thing. Sad truth: most cakes just aren’t that great.

So color me very, very happy that Trophy Cupcakes is coming to the Bravern!! This little locally-owned chain of cupcake shops simply rocks. They create little pieces of sugary happiness in such flavors as Chocolate Graham Cracker and Chai using local or organic ingredients where possible.

Owners Jennifer Shea and husband Michael Williamson opened Trophy Cupcakes in Feburary of 2007, and currently have stores in Wallingford and University Village.

So those of us who love cake have until September 12th to wait in sweet anticipation!