grand-cru-logojpgGrand Cru was offering 2-course meals on select Wednesdays in October for FREE. True, I swear – I went; enjoyed my soup and pasta (while both courses were already pretty good, they were made even better by being free). But with 2 glasses of wine and desserts, the bill was still about $40.  When was the last time you had much delicious, quality food prepared by a local restaurant owner (who is happily NOT part of a corporate chain)? Never? Yeah, that’s what I thought.  🙂

Well, Grand Cru’s promo was so popular that it’s now back for good. Get this: Each Wednesday and Saturday the free 2-course menu is back. No additional purchase necessary, but you do have to call for reservations before you show up.

Call them at (425) 455-4278 and claim your free food!


  1. The ‘free’ meal is no deal. The food itself is very average. The wine list has wines by the glass that start at 8.00 per with most being around 15.00 per glass. If you don’t drink wine, you can get a free meal, but the food we had was underwhelming. I ordered ravioli, and it arrived with 6 raviolis, no side, no garnish, very visually unappetizing,and devoid of much flavor. The soup was lukewarm. I felt ripped off and would rather pay for a well prepared and presented meal. Had too high of expectations I guess. There’s really no FREE meal.

  2. Wow, Suzy, you felt ripped off by your free meal? Really?

    No class.

  3. My “free” meal ended up costing more than a dinner at Daniel’s for two of us. While I like Grand Cru, this was not a good promotion as I mentioned on the previous post…