Today the Bellevue Square Microsoft Store had its grand opening event.  Here the morning told through photos.

Stay tuned for a recap of the grand opening later this evening.

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  1. Was there anything worth it? Seemed like most people were on line for:
    a. The sake of standing in a line
    b. Miley Cyrus tickets

  2. Store looks freakin awesome! Forget the apple store!

  3. fyi to all – dave matthews concert @ microsoft store tonight. seems like a better headliner than miley…but, whatev.

  4. Agree, would’ve been great to have DMB as the headliner on Saturday.

  5. @Grey, maybe you should go somewhere else for your daily medication of Microsoft trashing, like MacWorld.

    Most of us are sane enough to support a local company, which has 4 giant office buildings in Bellevue downtown. I will have less restaurant choices if not for them.

    I haven’t yet to check it out… hope to see some cool gadgets. Also the Windows Phones and Kinect.

  6. So besides Miley and DMB, why should I care about this? Looks just like an Apple Store ripoff.

  7. ^ LOL, if you actually visited the store, you would realize that apple’s store doesnt hold a light to the new microsoft store

  8. @Kevin

    Pardon. I have nothing against Microsoft. Maybe you’re confusing me with someone else.

    No, my comment was an honest critique of what the actual “buzz” was, the store, or the tickets.

    No one I talked to while walking by was talking about “Microsoft” anything.

  9. Grey: Exactly. I just haven’t heard a single reason why I should care about this store. It’s typical Microsoft — lack a compelling product so just throw money at the problem (ie. hire Miley Cyrus!).

  10. @ripper

    Have you bothered to pay a visit? Maybe you shouldn’t jumped to that conclusion too soon just because Steve Jobs wants you to.


    I went today, it’s not too bad. Won’t say it’s better than Apple store yet but it’s great to see some cool gadgets.

  11. @Kevin

    Really? Hmmm, I respect your opinion but honestly, I really don’t see the hype in the Apple store, esp after visitng the Microsoft store, the on wall display of their windows phones was amazing, their xbox and kinect displays were nice as well, overall it was just a great experience for a tech junkie like myself, but either way, both stores are great