Piano Bash Munchbar Bellevue

Bellevue is celebrating the New Year in style with 2 new concept restaurants opening at the end of this month. The dueling piano-themed Piano Bash and the specialty comfort food-styled Munchbar are both opening on January 27th. The restaurants are located in Bellevue Square, adjacent to the sky bridge leading towards Lincoln Square.

Munchbar promises a full weekend of opening event festivities, starting on the 27th, with special guests and live DJ’s. Chef Seis Kaimura of BOKA and Spago fame is leading the charge to compose comfort food dishes that mix both everyday and artisanal ingredients. The menu promises crave-worthy items like a wide variety of burgers and sandwiches with a flavorful kick, paired with an ample offering of unique microbrews and cocktails.

Mixing lively entertainment with food and drink, Piano Bash is ringing in the New Year with a song…or 3. Talented pianists will duel it out to a crowd’s delight, encouraging audience participation and reinventing the typical karaoke night on Mondays and Tuesdays, where anyone can take their turn to croon a favorite tune. The menu will be composed of bar food favorites and a hefty selection of beers because a bit of liquid courage is always helpful to warm up the vocal chords.

Munchbar and Piano Bash are located next to one another at 505 Bellevue Square. Both restaurants were dreamed up by the Las Vegas-based Munch Group, a team of restaurant creatives seeking to bring some Vegas glitz and entertainment to the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to mark your calendar for the last weekend of January to celebrate with not only 1, but 2 new hotspots to Downtown Bellevue.


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  2. Is it just me or do these concepts seem kind of stupid?

  3. I have passed by the Munchbar in Vegas… it looks like some kind of fancy Burger chain that sells alcohol. I guess if the price is right, it could work like an upscale food court for the shoppers? I wouldn’t be tempted to go there.

    Intrigued by the piano though, it could potentially be very fun.

  4. This is great, but more importantly, when is the next installment of the CBD Sushi Tour?

  5. Looking forward to having more options and variety in the neighborhood!

  6. I was so happy to hear that the Eastside was finally getting a Dueling Piano Bar. After having been to a number of these types of places around the country I was thrilled to have one just a few blocks from home. Unfortunately the excitement was short lived due to several reasons.
    First, piano bars should not have piano players who find it necessary to YELL into their microphones. Near the end of the evening this finally started to subside and it was really a fun time.
    20 minutes to get a round of drinks (gets a bit old after the third round having to wait this long.) $10 cover charge per person on the first night, and serves the wrong kind of wine.
    What happened to the, “happy to have you here while we work out the kinks” so we’ll let you in with no cover?
    Just because I live away from Seattle, and have a bit of disposable cash,does not mean we are suckers for any new thing that comes to town.
    I agree that I am anxious to support a group such as Munchbar and the Piano Bar. But that cannot happen before I truly believe they understand what good service and support of a successful establishment really is.