Last week ifoAppleStore.com, a website that follows Apple’s retail news, reported that the Bellevue Square Apple store will move  locations and expand later this year. The Apple Store at Bellevue Square is currently located on the 1st floor within the Nordstrom wing.

The report states that the Apple Store will relocate to the 2nd floor next to Papyrus, where Talbots and Bailey Banks & Biddle retail stores were previously located. The current store is 4,600 square feet, and the speculated new space would more than double the current store’s size.

The store move (if accurate) is likely motivated by Apple’s small store in Belleveue Square that is always packed, coupled with the Microsoft Store opening their flagship location in Bellevue Square earlier this year, only a few doors down.  The report also points out that every customer leaving that Microsoft Store would see the Apple store when looking up.

The report does not state when the move will take place, but does state that it will happen this year.

Image Credit: ifoAppleStore.com


  1. Apple is in the process of updating their stores.

    From BGR blog:

    “Apple is giving its Apple Stores a “Apple Store 2.0″ makeover, according to a rumor from 9to5 Mac. Reportedly, the stores — with design input from Steve Jobs himself — will feature new designated “startup session” areas where, presumably, new customers will be taught how to use and setup their new products. Similarly, Apple will replace signs in its stores with interactive iPad units, and will offer more interactive product bars. Cupertino isn’t skimping on multimedia, either, and is said to be outfitting its Apple Store 2.0 destinations with new audio systems and much larger displays. Rumor has it that Apple may also deploy a new Apple Store application for iOS devices that will allow users to schedule appointments as they walk into the store. Sounds like it could be a nice way to celebrate Apple’s 10th retail anniversary.”

  2. I like this post! 😉

  3. Johnson T Picket

    Seems a little greedy, a little petulant to open up right across from the MSFT store and to double sq. footage. How much do you need?

  4. @Johnson You could say the same thing about Microsoft moving in next to Apple with a huge store.

  5. Computer stores one-upping each other… There’s an arms race I can get behind!

  6. Johnson T Picket

    @ Michael: touche’