Mars Hill Church Bellevue

Mars Hill Church will celebrate its grand opening in the middle of downtown Bellevue on Sunday, Oct. 30, with a day of preaching and baptisms.

The church held a soft opening for its core congregation on Sunday, Oct. 23. An estimated 1,700 people attended, according to their website.

Mars Hill Church is located in the John Danz building at 620 106th Ave. NE, next to the Bellevue Galleria. Sunday services are held at 9am, 11:15am, and 4pm.

The church also has locations in Ballard, downtown Seattle, Federal Way, Lake City, Olympia, and Shoreline.


  1. Is that the new Mormon Church?

  2. Mars Hill = Mark Driscoll’s Personality Cult

  3. Great – another place for small-minds to join together and spread their message of hate. Yet they still call themselves Christians. Shameful.

  4. Oh good, maybe he can have that speaker talk about beating your children at age 1. Same old junk, just repackaged.

  5. Welcome to Downtown Bellevue, Mars Hill!

  6. Check it out before you shoot it down. Its pretty sweet. just saying.
    Don’t hate on somethin you don’t know about.

  7. LOL and pointing fingers at the people in the church makes you that much better? haha, let me guess how you’ll respond, “at least I’m not one of those small minded blah blah blah” we get the picture. I really don’t need to take either side, seeing as to how I can accept both opinions, but “same old junk, repackaged”, hmmm, looks like you pretty much just described yourself as you join the million other commenters I’ve seen online bashing on churches and pastors, and TK, you get on their case and call them small-minded people, yet you can’t accept them the way they are, and that’s supposed to make you open-minded? LOL

  8. This is awesome, Bellevue had everything from churches to high end stores, the addition of a cult right in the middle was exactly what was missing.

  9. That has to be a pretty pricey remodel and lease. Looks their business plan is doing well.

  10. Call me crazy but I’ll never accept a racist or a bigot and will stand up when I see them spreading their hateful message.

  11. Isn’t that the old good guys building? It’s really a pity someone didn’t tear down that eyesore.

  12. TK. do you realize you are preaching a message of hate? you’re an idiot

  13. Our family appreciates Pastor Mark. I think his call is needed at a time as this. My young adult son reads many books and has read Mars Hills books and he feels the message is biblical and sound. We older ones need to find a place to support the building up of this generation and teach and build them to give others disipleship etc. To be suspicious is good. But if your in the stream and keep well read I wouldnt worry. Also Four Square churches have a history of good Pastors. The headboard would [probably are] watch to see if all is being runned fairly and in concordence of sound teaching . Be ready folks ;>

  14. Also the name may confuse some. It sounds weird. But Mars Hill is a place in the bible and it has much significance. It also may have bearing to some of the things happening today. Often overlooked,but for as a time as this may be a appropriate name. Again; it is a Biblical place ..check it out ;>