H&M Bellevue

The second largest fashion retailer in the world does not have a location in Bellevue. H&M is known for its highly economical fashion clothing styles, for both men and women. Currently in the Seattle area H&M has a number of retail locations: downtown Seattle, University Village, & Southcenter Mall.

Bellevue is known within the Pacific Northwest as a hot spot for both shopping and fashion. Downtown Bellevue’s shopping venues are lead by The Bellevue Collection & The Bravern shopping centers, yet H&M doesn’t house a location within Bellevue. H&M’s locations typically occupy about 20,000 square feet, but can be as large as over 50,000 square feet. Worldwide, H&M has 2,300 locations.

Where in Bellevue could an H&M location go? A logical response might be The Bellevue Collection or The Bravern. Because of the large H&M location retail size requirements, a creative solution will be needed to find an appropriately sized location. One thought on location might be the recently announced Bellevue Square expansion plan. This location seems unlikely because the expansion is slated for 119,000 square feet.

Typically, for H&M retail stores, the location would either need to have more than one floor, or occupy a large, single floor plan. What’s your creative solution for locating H&M to DowntownBellevue? Sound off in the comments section.


  1. I was just at Alderwood Mall and saw they have a location opening there soon… I hope they will follow in Bellevue.

  2. In terms of layout and size, the best fit for an H&M in Downtown Bellevue that I can think of would be the space where Crate and Barrel is located, but I doubt they’re going anywhere anytime soon. The Bravern doesn’t have any suitable spot (and would probably consider it too déclassé anyway.) I suppose they could always kick LA Fitnesss out of the Bellevue Galleria and try that location as well…

  3. There are already a lot of H&M’s in the area, I would love go see a Zara come to Bellevue. We need one in Washington and Bellevue would be the perfect place! It would be a destination for shoppers in the Pacific NW.

  4. Yes, Zara is definitely on the list for Bellevue as well. We’ve been working on that one since ’09: https://downtownbellevue.com/2009/09/21/bring-zara-to-downtown-bellevue/

  5. How about where the furniture shops are in Lincoln Square?

  6. Kemper has nixed the Bellevue Square expansion plans (at least for now). You will also see the Land Use signs removed.

  7. @L I like this idea. Ideally it would go on the second level of Lincoln Square where Henredon & Schoener is currently located, as well as the open space next to it. The best scenario for an H&M would be that it would be a 2 story store, in which case the Container Store would have to relocate, which I believe is unlikely.

    @David Hopefully the real story will play out at some point.

  8. Don’t care… don’t want the cheap, knock-off clothings.

    As said above, Zara, Mango, etc will be much welcomed (and also differentiate Bellevue Square from the likes of Southcenter).

  9. Factoria- the lower price points would do well at Factoria with other retailers currently located in the mall. Old Navy is very busy, and H& M would be as well.