zara_bellevueZara is a fashion retailer that you may not have heard of because of it lacks presence in the greater Seattle area, but if you venture out to malls across the country and even internationally you might quickly become familiar with the store.  The retailer focuses on low cost, high fashion and has over 30 stores located throughout the county.

Downtown Bellevue, which is quickly becoming a fashion destination, is a perfect fit for Zara.  Vuesociety, a local fashion blogger, has started to gain support in helping bring Zara to Bellevue.  If you’re familiar with the stores and want to see one in Bellevue, sign your name.  If you’re not familiar, but are interested in the idea of a low-cost fashion retailer (we could use more of these in Bellevue), sign as well!


  1. I e-mailed Zara’s american division a while ago and they said they have no expansion plans for this area any time soon. 🙁

  2. Let’s show them their demand, hehe

  3. Great idea! I have to go to San Francisco to shop there.

  4. Leslie – There’s a Zara in Vancouver on Robson street.

    I also want to see Club Monaco open a store on the eastside. The Bravern is a logical choice to open one.

  5. I’m not much into fashion, but did sign the petition in support of fellow Eastside Entrepreneur Rachel Kim. I’m sure that Zara would be very welcome here – I’ve shopped for my ex at their San Francisco location and they had what appeared to be some great deals.

  6. Zara would be a great addition to the area. I believe it would be very well in Bell Square on the Eastside or downtown Seattle.
    I am interested to see what else will open in the Bravern and the “luxury” wing in Bellevue Square if it ever gets built!

  7. Agreed Bellevue Square is the right fit for Zara. I’d be surprised if a year from now that we didn’t hear of a Zara opening in Bellevue.

  8. Hey, this is a great initiative! I’m a Spaniard and I miss so much Zara (and my wife too).

    I also emailed to US Zara staff telling them about the Bellevue location with a lot of information about business, opportunities, etc. The response was the same: not opening intention in short time.

    However I know a lot of people who know Zara and gladly they will sign the petition. I’ll twitt it and make mention in my Spanish blog.

    ¡Queremos Zara! Spanish design, great prices & great quality.

  9. I’d love to see a Zara here. It’s my favorite store. Whenever I go to a bigger city (internationally & domestically) there always seems to be a Zara. If it does open, I sure hope it does well. I would definitely shop there.

    The closest thing to Zara was MNG (Mango), which opened a store in Bellevue, but shut down less than 2 years. That location and the one I went to in Vegas didn’t seem to have the trendy styles that the international locations had.

    I hope Zara considers to open here once the economy is back up.