Downtown Bellevue Teriyaki takeout

Downtown Bellevue residents, workers, and diners have spoken and they are hungry for great teriyaki take-out. Every city has its signature (and go-to) Teriyaki take-out restaurant, but for some reason even with the number of restaurants downtown Bellevue has, the city hasn’t hit its groove with teriyaki take-out.

The only teriyaki take-out in downtown Bellevue that has lasted the test of time is Teriyaki Bowl on Bellevue Way. With a 2.5 out of 5 star review on Yelp reviewers have not nominated it as their favorite.

With the continued growth and development in the area, we the people of Bellevue are hungry for a new teriyaki take-out spot! Please, our stomaches beg you.



  1. What about Yoshi’s on Main? And not far away at Sushiya?

  2. Don’t forget about Toshi’s Teriyaki on Main Street next to Broiler Bay. This small storefront has been a Bellevue staple for years and serves a decent teriyaki meal for a reasonable price!

  3. It will take off like crazy, especially if its fresh and healthier version with organic meats and good prices, oh and fast (pretty much almost like Chipotle Grill in downtown)!

  4. Is this story a plant? Everyone here knows about the teriyaki joint that’s going into the spot previously occupied by Fatburger and Omabap. I bet the offerings will be fresh and healthy using organic meats at good prices.

  5. I agree. The Teriyaki options stink. It doesn’t even cross my mind to p/u teriyaki in Bellevue.

  6. I am a huge fan of Toshi’s by Broiler Bay on Main St. The lady who owns it could not be sweeter! She offers brown rice AND her half chicken option is famous! T-bowl is good too but the older couple who run it can be quite snippy at times…food is good though.

  7. The author must be new to Bellevue, or didn’t bother to do even a minimum of research. Toshi’s Teriyaki on Main St. has been around for at least 20 years, and all it does is take out. And it’s great!

  8. Good teriyaki has not existed for many years. 25+ years ago there used to be a small place on a corner near Greenlake. I think it was called Toshi’s. This was way before the explosion of Teriryaki restaurants sort of like Starbucks. This place served full hindquarter pieces (leg and thigh) that had been marinated and grilled or broiled plus two scoops of rice and scoop of mac salad. Nowadays its just an unflavored piece of breast or thigh meat grilled, sliced up and slathered with teriyaki sauce. That is a rip-off folks. You might as well get yourself a piece of chicken breast, nuke it in the microwave, then douse it with a bottle of teriyaki sauce. Today, if you’re lucky, the meat is marinated. Otherwise it is flavorless except for the charred taste from grilling and the slathered sauce on top. The half chicken at Toshi’s on Main St. sounds like its worth a try.

  9. Teriyaki & More is taking the place of Fatburger. The original branch in Eastgate is pretty good, and gets 3.5 stars on Yelp.

  10. Toshi’s and Teriyaki bowl are both pretty weak in terms of taste and portion size. I used to work in Eastgate and ate at Teriyaki & More at least a couple times a week. I still drive to Eastgate to pick up teriyaki and am extremely excited that they will be opening a location within blocks of my condo. Finally good teriyaki in DT Bellevue!

  11. Kobe restaurant on 110th has takeout teriyaki that is pretty solid IMO. The Ashwood market at the Elements has teriyaki as well but I’ve yet to try it.

  12. I have to agree, Toshi’s food is not very memorable. I also their kitchen does not seem the cleanest, but I’m sure the food is fine.

  13. Teriyaki and More opened today in the former Oma Bop/Baja Fresh location. Pretty much the same as their Eastgate branch, which isn’t a bad thing. Staff said that Coco restaurant next door will open next month.

  14. Saw this! Post coming soon.

  15. Here is a good read on the origin of Toshi’s Teriyaki.

    Man,, what flashbacks will do in posting that URL. Remember Eastside Weekly?

    How about Veneto’s Coffee at QFC before they remodeled and acquired the brand from Founders Terry and Bill Mohrweis of Redmond?! The amazing mound of whip cream with chocolate powder they stacked on their Mocha’s was second to none! I think I still have a Veneto’s cartoon Egyptian themed t-shirt from them floating around somewhere.