Purple Cafe Downtown Bellevue Golden CorksThe Downtown Bellevue Network and Purple Café have teamed up to bring you the “Golden Corks Scavenger Hunt”. Tomorrow, Friday June 27th there will be 5 Golden Corks placed at different businesses throughout downtown Bellevue.  Starting at 11AM there will be hourly clues leading readers to different locations throughout the city to discover the Golden Corks. There is one cork per location*, and each cork can be redeemed for a $25 gift card** to Purple Café.

The clues will be revealed on both our Facebook page, as well as our Twitter account.

For those that want a head start, and a leg up on their competition, sign-up for our emails and we will send out the first clue early! (sign-up here)

Good luck to you!

* Only one Golden Cork can be redeemed per person (in layman’s terms that means if you find a Gold Cork let others win, too)
**Contact information to redeem the cork for a gift card will be included with cork.


  1. I loved when John Howie did this. It was fun.

  2. Woo! Clue #2 was solved by my lovely wife who just had to walk across the street to Meydenbauer Center!